Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A weba wooba woo awards

It's been a while since I blogged. Not out of boredom or anything just that I'm mad busy at work and dont get any real time to blog there. And then after spending so much time concentrating on the computer, pc leisure time doesnt appeal.

But anywho thought I'd say echo the sentiments of everyone else and say well done Mulley on a great night last Saturday at the first Irish Web Awards. They were top notch and as the Moviestar.ie lads said, its the way to run award ceremonies. None of this prawn cocktail shite at other awards.

Its amazing how the little things make a difference. The Moviestar lads wreaking my DVD pyramid for something much more interesting and dangerous, trying to put up the sponsors details on the photo board along with Ryan and the big W's on stage. As well as Damien fecking up the presentation, Brian's t-shirt, being Rickrolled and the cupcakes. Yes, the Fat Bastard Mulley awards will live on.

It was great to meet so many heads again that I must have talked drunk nonsence to at the last Bloscars as people knew me! Feck..

See ye all at the next Blog Awards in 'Cark' and well done again Damien.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It is painful...but it's OK to feel

To be honest, I wasn't 100% sure about whether to post this or not but it's good to talk. I feel that sometimes its easier to put things down on paper/pc rather than talk as you can express yourself a bit more with blubbering away.

Last year was shit. It really was. Shit. Yes, some good things happened and some great things happened, but personally it was shit.

To start with my job was made, how shall I say while trying to be PC and avoid the lawyers, 'redundant'. The company decided that the role I occupied was no longer required. The decision, I found out later, was made in January but instead of letting me know they took away, bit by bit, by job - handing it out to others. Then in early July I had a call, after sending another email asking for an explanation, stating my job was gone and they made me an offer I couldn't accept. How can you trust a company that does that? I had to move on.

One settlement later and I was a hobo. Being a hobo is cool but I'll talk about that another time. However being a hobo turned out to be a godsend for what happened then.

For the August bank holiday weekend in '07, my wife, two friends and myself went on the Shannon for the weekend. It was great. What made it even better was the fact the before we went we done the necessary tests and confirmed that we were gonna be parents. As excited as we were, we couldn't tell anyone and had a ball of a weekend.

Arriving back in Cork, my wife went to the docs on the Wednesday and confirmed that all was OK and we were indeed going to have an ickle one. That week, we had a call from my little bro to advise that he and his good lady were also pregnant. When we worked out dates, they would be having the baby a week before us in March. Over the next week or so family and friends were told to share in our joy.

Two weeks later things went pear shaped.

On a lovely Monday night, we sat in bed looking at a baby-names book my brother had bought as a joke the previous Christmas. Some names in it I wondered about as in how someone could call their child that. But each to their own. The next day my wife said something wasn't right and she went to the docs. I had an appointment and she wasn't worried enough to require me to go with her. Then I got a call and I rushed to collect her and bring her to Cork University Hospital for further tests. At 4pm our worst fears were realised and it was confirmed we had lost the baby. The scan showed nothing.

And I don't think anything can prepare you for that. Our families and friends knew we were expecting and so calls had to be made. That was tough.

We had to go back in on the Wednesday for the necessary tests and my wife was in until Saturday morning. It was a long few days. I cant praise highly enough the staff in the hospital who were brilliant to us and looked after us well. Although they see this type of thing every day the compassion and help they showed was like your the only one going through it. Also sitting in the hospital each day, sometimes not with my wife as she was resting, and seeing others who had just given birth, or were about to was tough. It was tougher for the fact that we met a couple we know and they had just had a lovely baby boy - and you cant dampen their spirits as you have no right to. Its still hard to smile though.

The next week was no easier. Luckily being a hobo meant I could spend time with my wife making sure she was OK. You lie there thinking about it. Thinking about what might have been. A boy? A girl? Do you care - no! How many other couples go through this? We know a few and they had children afterwards no worries. Statistics say that nearly half of all first pregnancies end in miscarriages but statistics have no feelings and are only bare figures - and it doesn't make it easier. Slowly the realisation comes in that in 8 or 7 months you wont be a parent. You realise that your sister is due in one month and you have to be happy for her and you are - you truly are but its tough. You realise that you wont have a child a week younger than your brother come next March and that you wont have a child at all come that time.

Nothing can prepare you. In a matter of minutes your decorating their room in your head and then there's no room. Just an empty space.

All you can do is hope that next time its better. Next time all will be OK. A year later and its still sore but this has been a good year so far and only getting better. It's funny how your subconscious acts - you are thinking about it without realising its a year. The year is suddenly upon you.

But its OK to be sore so you can enjoy the good times even more. And there will be good times.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

College Fees

The whole debate on college fees seems to have reared its head again this week with Batman insinuating that he wants them back in. For me, free education is a must but what I dont like are the arguements coming from the knobs that run the Union on Students in Ireland (I always thought they were knobs).

They are saying that its already tight enough for students and adding fees will only mean that less people can afford to go to college.


I left college in June 1996. Only 12 years ago.

We had no mobile phones. Only those working in very well paid jobs or that came from well-enough of families had cars. We only bought clothes when we needed them. We drank cheap shite at home before going out and only went to clubs that had student offers. We could rarely afford to go out on Saturday nights, you had TV via a clothes hanger and usually there were 5 or more to a 2-bed flat. Getting your hair cut once a month was a huge treat (if indeed you done it once a month and even then it was done during cheapo times and in cheapo places). And the inside of a coffee shop was like visiting the Starship Enterprise as you had as much chance of going to both. We ate spuds and bolognese 7 days a week.

Now new clothes are an absolute with image being paramount and therefore new hair when required. Theres not enough room in the carparks for all the cars (and the insurance, tax, petrol, maintenance that goes with them) for the students. They are getting so leathered out drinking that we have new closing and serving times (apparently its the young's fault). And they all have mobile phones and therefore probably a new one each year and around €20 per week on credit?

Dont tell me they have no money. Dont tell me that adding some fees will stop people going to college. If they give up their cars - get up earlier and walk or use public transport - then we solve some traffic issues in cities and it also saves them some money. Give up their mobiles or use less frequently then there would be more money. But dont tell me they have no money.

In 1996, the grant was about £160 per month. My rent was £25 per week to share a bedroom with one other, in a 5 bed house (8 of us all in). I had £60 per month for food, travel (college in Carlow, from Donegal) once a month and going out. My parents gave me about £40 per month once the summer money I had earned had run out and so all in all, I had about £100 to live on.

I wonder how students would get buy on this and to give an idea I decided to see how much that is worth nowadays and took the price of Guinness as the basis for inflation.

According to this site, the average price of Guinness in 1996 was €2.50 and in 2007 it was €4.03. That means an adjustment of 62%.

Covert £100 to Euros using 1.23 as the exchange rate (what it was when we changed from punts to euros) and that gives us €123. Multiply by inflation gives €199 or about €50 per week.

Is that do-able with a once a month bus ticket worth €40 removed from the funds?? It cost around €25 per week for food to cover breakfast, lunch and dinner. That leaves about €50 per month for recreational items...its tough - right?

Anyone up to the challenge???

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Appreciate "That Look"

I cant admit to being a daily reader or, as you have noticed, a daily blog poster but every so often blog posts arrive that hit you like a ton of bricks. They truly take your breath away. For me, its not the posts on how to blog, or the posts on how people should live their lives, or the ones that give a great insight into court cases or current affairs, but rather the ones that let you see a little into the soul's of other bloggers - the ones that for a short period of time connect you to them.

These posts when you read them also resonate with you. Somethings switches on inside of you that says, "hey, I can identify with this". They sort of wake something inside of you that maybe you were not even aware was dormant. Maybe they help you remember a part of your life that you not necessarily had forgotten, but rather pushed to your subconscious.

I'm always amazed that some of these people will be so open with their feelings and emotions and also not be anonymous. It's fantastic that they will let complete strangers know what their feeling and thinking and yet be totally at peace in themselves in doing so.

Some others, while not using real names, are not necessarily anonymous either as you kinda feel you know them, or at least you think you do, but still you admire them for taking the time to write it down.

A few days ago a lovely, lovely post was written by K8 the GR8 about going to a musical recital with her son. I think everyone that read it shed a tear in happiness - well I know I did. I think we can all identify with a time in our lives when someone so close and so special to us gave us that look. I'm not sure the person giving the look can totally understand what happens inside you when that happens unless of course they too have experienced it. And everyone should. It's one of those times when you can truly say "I'm alive and I love it". These situations are what makes life so great and so worth living. I know that I've felt it at times with my lovely wife (the patient woman she is). Your heart really goes racing 100 miles an hour, you know there's only one place to look and your almost paralysed, unable to move as you don't want to break that moment. You want it to go on and on.

It's also like the time when my godson was at that age when babies start to recognise faces and voices other than Mum and Dad. He looked up and smiled with his mouth, his eyes and his demeanour to say he recognised me. It's a fantastic feeling and you want to have that each time you meet but the you think will it be as special? It doesn't matter, you had it at least once.

Then you have the posts like Grannymar's from April regarding the passing of her husband some 10 years ago. This also strikes a cord as everyone has experienced someone really close to them pass away and it brings back the hurt from that sad occasion. You remember where you were when you heard, what you done to help with the arrangements, but what I always remember at funerals are the laughs and fun I had with the person. I know they would prefer to be remembered that way rather than the last few days you saw them.

But posts like Grannymar's are important. Not everyone can open up and write these feelings down. Not everyone can express how they felt in those hard times and so these posts help - maybe someone reading can identfy with the sentiments and use it to get over their grief. It may act as a form of counselling as they have someone that they can identify with who, know, has gone through the same as them. They are not alone.

These posts when your reading them also help to make you cast a thought to a loved one that's passed away and give them a thought, a smile, or a laugh at how you remember them - how often do we think of deceased friends in our busy lives? But more to the point, these posts might help you to appreciate right now, and forever, the looks that you get that K8 is talking about. I know I will.

Ladies, I salute you and thank you.

Friday, August 08, 2008


The last few weeks have been a bit slow at work. Lots of the people working on the contract with us are on holliers and things natually slow down during the summer.

Today is a particularly slow day. It started well and I worked away from the first few hours but now the day is dragging. It could be safe to saw that I'll work for a total of around 3 hours today and that's all.

Now I know what it feels like to work in the Civil Service on a permanent basis.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

When lawsuits go bad

Just saw this story on Soccernet regarding a recent lawsuit in Italy.

Italian football giants Inter Milan had to pay damages to a rival fan for "existential harm".

Can open....worms everywhere.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Food, God and the devil‏

Got this from a friend and probably so did everyone elser but it's worth the read..

And God created......
In the beginning God covered the earth with broccoli, cauliflower and spinach, with green, yellow and red vegetables of all kinds so Man and Woman would live long and healthy lives.
Then using God's bountiful gifts, Satan created Dairy Ice Cream and Magnums. And Satan said, 'You want hot fudge with that? And Man said, 'Yes!' And Woman said, 'I'll have one too with chocolate chips'. And so they gained 10 pounds.

And God created the healthy yogurt that woman might keep the figure that man found so fair.
And Satan brought forth white flour from the wheat and sugar from the cane and combined them. And Woman went from size 12 to size 14.

So God said, 'Try my fresh green salad'.
And Satan presented Blue Cheese dressing and garlic croutons on the side. And Man and Woman unfastened their belts following the repast.

God then said 'I have sent you healthy vegetables and olive oil in which to cook them'.
And Satan brought forth deep fried coconut king prawns, butter-dipped lobster chunks and chicken fried steak, so big it needed its own platter, and Man's cholesterol went through the roof.

Then God brought forth the potato; naturally low in fat and brimming with potassium and good nutrition.
Then Satan peeled off the healthy skin and sliced the starchy centre into chips and deep-fried them in animal fats adding copious quantities of salt. And Man put on more pounds.

God then brought forth running shoes so that his Children might lose those extra pounds.
And Satan came forth with a cable TV with remote control so Man would not have to toil changing the channels.

And Man and Woman laughed and cried before the flickering light and started wearing stretch jogging suits.

Then God gave lean beef so that Man might consume fewer calories and still satisfy his appetite.
And Satan created McDonalds and the 99p double cheeseburger.

Then Satan said 'You want fries with that?' and Man replied, 'Yes, and super size 'em'. And Satan said, 'It is good.'

And Man and Woman went into cardiac arrest.God sighed ......... and created quadruple by-pass surgery.
And then ............ Satan chuckled and created the National Health Service.

Monday, August 04, 2008


My liver and kidneys hurt.

Polish weddings, while being great, are tough on the oul internal organs. Some amount of vodka can be drunk at these things..and was.


Thursday, July 31, 2008

Weddingski Polski

So tomorrow morning we're heading to a wedding in Poland. T'will be my first one:
* thanks to Jebus and my great grandparents for making this happen*

Heading to a place called Czestochowa which is here:

View Larger Map

Apparently there will be two bottles of Vodka per person...which is nice. And it also means I probably wont know me name let along blog this weekend.

Enjoy the long weekend and chat to ye all next week..have a good one!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I hate smoking

There I've said it.

I hate smoking. I really, really do. I always have hated it. When I was young my Dad, who was a smoker of Major, would light up and I'd open all windows and doors regardless of what time of year to 'air' the place. I used to tell him that he could kill himself but not to kill me. I harassed him until he stopped because of an ad that used to be on TV.

The ad showed a Dad in the back garden smoking and coughing. The young daughter looked up the coughing in a book and showed it to her Dad and it was about lung cancer. That struck a chord with me and I didn't want my Dad dying like that.

I just find it amazing that in this day and age people start smoking with the dangers that are there. It really amazes me. It's just such a horrible thing in my mind. I always say that I have no trouble with anyone doing anything as long as it doesn't affect me. And smoking does.

I was down on Dollymount Strand on Sunday and Monday and there were people smoking. No problems as its out in the open and the smoke wasn't near me as I could avoid it. Put they threw their butts in the sand. You think that's OK? Its dirty.

Smokers in the main are also unbelievably selfish and its a very selfish addiction. I got off the Dart the other morning and no sooner had everyone got off and some people sparked up literally as they stepped off the train. And didn't care where their smoke went. People will quite happily blow smoke anywhere. Well I don't want the smoke in my face but I had no fucking choice in the matter. As I had to walk the way they were going to leave the platform.

I've seen people get of the dart and smoke as they walk through the station with the fag lit up. But that's OK in their minds as they are only in walking through and not stopping. Bullshit.

I know people will come on here and have a go but I don't care. I hate smoking. If I ever ruled the world I'd ban it. It's disgusting. If it didn't affect me then shoot but smoke goes everywhere and the smell of people who smoke is foul.

You try to walk into pubs/shops/restaurants/clubs or anywhere nowadays and there are people outside smoking and you have to walk through veils of smoke to get in. It gets on your clothes, in your hair, on your skin and more importantly in your veins.

So please go ahead and kill yourself but leave me alone.


Question: In hot countries, how much more per year do people with convertibles spend on sunscreen?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I have a theory..

I recently heard on the radio that the ESB are going to raise their prices again and are blaming it on rising oil prices (as they usually do).

Homes now have to be built to a certain insulation standard. People are putting new insulation in their houses and pumping their cavities. Attic insulation is being installed and people are turning their temperatures down a degree or two to save money.

So where do the ESB make up this loss of revenue? They up the prices. Dirty feckers...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Irish view on the US Election

Leave it to the Irish to bring some needed clarity to the US election:

"We, in Ireland , can't figure out why you are even bothering to hold an election in the United States .

On one side, you have a witch who is a lawyer, married to a lawyer, running against a lawyer who is married to a witch who is a lawyer.

On the other side, you have a war hero married to a good looking rich woman who owns a beer distributorship. What are you lads thinking over there?"

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rooski, Co. Roscommon..

Took this pic while on the Shannon this year.
I like it and nothing has been adjusted.

Crowded House

A few weeks back, my wife and myself headed for the Crowded House concert in the Ambassador in Dublin. To be honest, other than their chart music I know nothing about Crowded House. I have never listened to any album and I would admit to not liking them as an ex-flatmate in college played Tim Finn stuff non stop.
However, they were fab. Really fab. They are excellent performers and actually looked like they were enjoying themselves on stage. They interacted really well with the crowd (which was not a sell out by any means) and really buzzed of the intimate atmosphere.
They played all the classics and even played some Police music on a Cello that was at the side of the stage. Now, I'm a fan.
However, there was one thing that really did annoy me. And that was people talking.
There were these 5 people behind us who talked almost non stop for the entire concert. The little fat chick seemed to think that people came to hear her and not the band. She talked, and talked and laughed very loudly and talked again. She was so fuckin irritating it wasn't funny. Once she went "Oh I love this song" and stopped talking for about 5 seconds after that comment.
I suppose some smart arse will come on and say why didn't I move but why should I? It just shows that some people have more money than sense. Three of the five had their backs turned to the stage for most of the concert so really you have to ask why go? Do people really have €60 odd to throw away to go out for a chat and a few beers? That's just wrong. There were loads of people around us who were all listening to the band and these people annoyed them - you could see with the stares that were being thrown in their direction. These people also placed themselves in the middle of the crowd and not an an extremity and so annoyed the maximum amount of people.
You are tits. Please fuck off and never go to concerts again unless you plan on actually giving the band some respect by listening to them.
Still, the band were great (did I say that already?) and would love to see them again. Now off I go to get some of their music...

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Just charging the oul digital camera at the moment for the weekend and got to thinking about the cameras I have.

I have one these (Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W35) for the loads of pics days:

I have one of these because I never owned a "proper" camera and got it as a wedding pressie. But I love it...

And recently I started using this one:

The last camera is from 1973. It belonged to me Mum's Uncle who was a professional photographer at home in Donegal. He has some amazing photographic equipment and even more amazing pictures.
A few years back a selection of his pictures were displayed in Temple Bar at the request of some Museum and are still there. He had everything cataloged so perfectly and in chronological order.
There is just something special about these old cameras. Just using them makes you feel so different with the weight and the care required to take the pic. I also feel like the photographer from The Omen.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Oh sweet Jesus. What is it with this new fashion of tucking your trousers into your socks. It's the most ridiculous piece of fashion since leg warmers.

Monday, May 05, 2008

How many days do you get?

In your job how many self-certified sick days do you get? Two maybe? Three maybe? If your lucky you might get five. Well, if you do get five, spare a thought for those poor, poor nurses or doctors.

Yes, they don't have a limit and can take as many as they want in a year just no more than three in a row or else they have to get a cert. But days in a row are different than other companies. If I am sick on a Friday, have the Saturday and Sunday off shift and am sick again on a Monday that is counted as two days in a row. For nurses its not and its counted as two separate days sick.

I would not like to get sick in Ireland at the moment with the way Jabba the Hut is running the Health Service and with the way the unions are fucking us over.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Man Cold - Its true.

Boo Hoo

Just finished reading a book about one the big dot.com collapses ever. The company, boo, was an amazing concept. The whole idea of the company is phenominal.
I have to say when I was given the book I was a tad sceptical. I'm not really into this type of book as my usual staple diet is autobiogs and certain types of fiction. But....read this book.
On the back one of the quotes says that you are "willing them to succeed" when reading it. Normally, regardless of the book, I don't agree with those comments but in this case I did. Really did.
Reading this book makes you want to be an entrepreneur. It makes you wish you were working for and with them at the time. You can't help but be drawn into their world and get lost in the book. I don't know where they got their engergy from. They never seemed to sleep and partied hard. Really, truly awe inspiring.
The only thing wrong was it didn't work out because if it did it may have made things different on the net.
What you waiting for? Go read this book NOW !!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Note to Spanish students

Can you please stop congregating at the bottom of stairwells, on steps, at entrances to buildings that are in use, in front of train doors when you get off, at bus stops stopping people getting on & off buses and at other places where other people need to get to.


96 we wont forget

Today is the nineteenth anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster where 96 Liverpool fans lost their lifes at a football match.

To this day no-one has been brought to justice or identifed as being accountable for this disaster.


Thursday, April 03, 2008

Can you be Bertie?

Can you hack all the paps?
Can you take the flack for Mary Harney's fuck ups?
Will you back Mary Hanafins shite educational decisions and knowledge?
Can you put up with Brian Cowen's cologne next to you?

If you answer yes to this then apply for the job:

Check it out.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Friday, Bad Saturday

I'm here now, just about alive again. Friday turned into a very good Friday at a house party that was mighty craic.

Saturday turned into up, eat, drugs, bed, sick, bed, up, eat and then here....not so good.

But at least there are two more days of till work. Ah well...probably see all none of ya on Tuesday.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Thoughts

When I was in primary school the teachers were very keen to let you express yourself. Each Friday afternoon after the last break, we were allowed to do whatever we wanted - draw, read, do your homework, whatever.

I loved it as I used to draw maps of countries, draw flags or try and copy pictures from books. The odd time I used to read (mainly because I found a Ghost Story book that shouldn't have been in the school and then hid it each week from other prying eyes). Also at Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Christmas and other such holidays (even after Summer) we would draw pictures of the events or make things and have them hung around the school.

One Christmas after being bored of drawing the same old stable scene that everyone else draws every year, I decided to draw something different. I made a storyboard of the Christmas story from Mary and Joseph heading to Bethlehem right through to them legging it to Egypt. The storyboard was about 20 -25 cells but each picture was a silhouette rather than full content. I just thought it was better looking for what I wanted, but also because I was allowed to use a black pen for the drawings rather than use pencil, markers and crayons like everyone else.

It turned out really well - if I do say so myself - and was hung in a prominent position in the school and looked good. The shadow effect made it look better and there were no words on the pictures which added to it. The teachers loved it and some of the lads in the class thought it was cool.

And so it came to Easter. I thought that I would do the same sort of thing but rather than tell the story of Easter I would take one part of the story and make another shadow-effect drawing. I had to choose a part of the story that on-one else would draw. No one could see it until I was finished and I was left at it. On Holy Thursday I gave the drawing to the teacher very happy with the outcome except she didn't think so.

Most others drew Jesus rising from the dead or the stone removed from the tomb with the chicks chilling outside. Some drew the Last Supper or the lads all having a hooliy on the Mount of Olives.

I drew Judas hanging himself with the pieces of silver on the ground and had only Judas in the picture. I got a rap on the knuckles with a ruler and was given out to by the teacher. The picture was sent home to my parents with a note attached saying they weren't happy bunnies about the picture.

Needless to say the picture wasn't hung up and was never talked about again. I was 10 at the time. And you know something? I'd draw it again if went back in ages. I just think that sometimes you have to let children's minds wander, explore and use their imagination. There is too much conforming today and less individuality.

Or maybe not. Either way, I don't care and it is one of the pictures that I am most proud of even though I won prizes for other pics.

What is the right thing to do?

I was watching Sky News over the last few days and they were getting very heated over the arrival of a convicted paedophile from Australia. This fella, Raymond Horne, moved to Oz with his family when he was five. At an early age he was convicted of a minor offense but then 12 years ago he was found guilty of something like 14 offenses against children and sent to prison for 12 years.

He was released earlier and the Queensland government decided to deport him as he had never taken Australian Citizenship and therefore was still a British citizen.

Sky were of course building this all up and using every available person to report on it, showing his arrival in England and making it all dramatic. They were asking, in the tone that only Sky news readers can, if he should be allowed back. In all honestly, the man done his time and was being deported as is their right to do. The Oz authorities had noted that the man is high risk and should be monitored at all times. Really everything they done is within international law.

Fair play though in that Sky read out posts from both sides. One post noted that Britain is trying to send prisoners who are not British citizens back to their countries to serve their time and why can't other countries do the same. Another gave out about that fact that Oz had done this but they couldn't. But then Britain is trying to do it under Human Rights law.

Personally I think Oz was well within its rights. The person is not a citizen of theirs and so why should they live in fear with this fella? They have every reason to send Horne back and they did. Britain should just get on with it but then that is just my opinion. I would like to think that I would have the same opinion if the person was Irish and we try and sort it out but then all the kiddie fiddlers here seem to be men of the cloth !

Merry Eastermas..or whatever

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter Egg

With Easter around the corner and plenty of egg's on the go here's one for ya....

What Easter Egg do you think you most closely resemble and why??

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ho, ho...ye found me pot of gold..

Happy Paddy's Day to all ye beer swilling, kebab eating bolloxes.

Ye are only bolloxes cause Im neither eating or drinking at the moment.


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mind yer bags...

Was getting off the plane in Dublin on Saturday and watched the dude who unloads the bags take no care whatsoever with them. When I saw him just drop the first few bags from chest level onto the van yoke I thought I would record what he was doing. I know these lads really couldn't care less about our stuff but still...

Puerto Rico - The week in review

So, not long back from a lovely relaxing week in Puerto Rico in the Canaries. Had an absolutely great time with my wife and have to say I would defo go back again.
We stayed in the Marina Suites Hotel in Puerto Rico which is just minutes from the town centre and close to everything.

The hotel is very nice and the rooms were fab. Lovely big bedrooms, small kitchenette (although you can only use the oven/hob for max of 10 mins so you can't really cook there). The sitting room area is cool and nice and comfy. Decent size balcony and all rooms look over the pool and ocean or the marina area. I would stay there again.

The town itself if nice and chilled out but I hate the fact that you can't walk past a restaurant without being harassed. It doesn't really endear you to the place especially the way some grab your arm or essentially say "you, come in here". Some were a bit more pleasant and nice about it but still I always think that if you want to eat somewhere then you will go in. We tried a few places but Oscar's Restaurant was really, really nice. Prices are comparable with Ireland but it's worth it for the quality. We ate in one place (and I would suggest to avoid in the future) called Mama Pinu and ordered chicken burgers and chips. Chips were overdone and the burger was a Tesco Value processed chicken burger and was foul.

Other places were alright but in most places the menus were the same; lasagna & chips, steak & chips, pizza, pasta, and other meats...with chips. Quality on the whole wasn't too bad.
Near Puerto Rico is Puerto de Mogan and Amadores. Amadores has a fab beach, which is man made, and some alright little restaurants around. The beach is better than the one in Puerto Rico. Puerto de Mogan is a cool little place with markets. We went there on the Friday on the ferry (€10 return from Puerto Rico) and spent the guts of 4 hours wandering around which was cool. The markets themselves, while they have the inevitable tat, also have some really good stuff and at good prices. You can get pretty much anything and everything and when finished, head for the restaurants and have waffles, magnificent vanilla ice cream, strawberries and fresh cream.

Overall, I would say that it's a good location to go to. It's it Irish Bar's you want there are loads (Flanagans, Maggies, The Harp, The Shamrock...), loads of English Bar's (The Rovers Return, The Queen Vic,..), Norwegian Bar's and loads of typical holiday shops. Food is good and fresh. Lovely cocktail bar called Bacara, lovely bar called Charlie'z and Friends and lovely restaurants. It's only 35 mins from the airport and close to other cool little towns.
Now, time for sleep...

Friday, March 07, 2008

Only a week late but....

Well, unlike everyone else I'm a week late with my post about the Irish Blog Awards. I had a really long and tough work week and the thought of spending another hour at the old 'puter was just too much. However I had an absolute blast at the awards.

Damien, hats off again for an even bigger and better show than before. It was truly memorable (before the copious amounts of alcohol).

Alexia, lovely to meet ya and well done for saving the oul technologicallyable side of things.

Rick, great presenting again and too see such a pro shite themselves beforehand is great. I love backstage info.

For everyone else I met thanks for making it a great night and for those that are giving out about it and who won and about it being a back slapping happy event - don't come next year. The event is done arranged by Damien and assisted by volunteers. Money is raised for charity, no one gets paid for it and for that back slapping is well deserved.

Ryan, Annie, Johnny, Conor, Twenty, Sinead, Una, David, Marcus, Steven, Jonathan, Grannymar, Grandad, Niall and all the others than I had the priviledge to meet and chat to thanks for the making the night it was.

And next year ye better take the fluffy drink or else *ggrrrr*. I will update with links at some stage but now Im off to bed as holliers in the mornnnn...wooooo hooooo.

Updated with links

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Irish Blog Award Week

So this coming Saturday, March 1st, is the 3rd Annual Irish Blog Awards (well I think its the 3rd time). All details can be found on the Official Website but all places are gone. You can still turn up but you might not get a seat.

You should go anyway's as the following may or may not happen allegedly:

- Damien will receive a lifetime achievement award for services to blogging (sponsored by Young Fine Gael)
- Twenty to receive an award for use of the English language (sponsored by Young Christians of Ireland)
- Una to receive an award for hat wearing (sponsored by John Magnier)
- Tom to get an award for support of Irish rugby (sponsored & presented by Eddie O'Sullivan)
- Bock to get the best Limerick blog award (sponsoredby Dolores McNamara)
- Bernie to get the award for award giving & services to award giving (sponsored by Hollywood writers association)
- Bloggorah will get the award for best blog post July - Dec '07 (sponsored by Union of Irish Models)

And the special presenters award to Rick for presenting awards (sponsored by Ray Foley)

Hope everyone enjoys the night.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Where is Matt?

This is an old one but it's a good one. The music is top and if after watching this you don't want to travel and see the world there is something wrong with you...enjoy.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Scissor Sisters..

Has anyone else noticed that absolute absurdity (is that a word?) of the argument that one of the scissor sisters is putting forward for her appeal against the murder of the Kenyan lad?

Apparently getting a sentence for not only killing someone but cutting them up and throwing their dismembered body into a canal is not right if you will miss out on your children growing up, and, if you reported yourself to the police. It should mean even less of a sentence.

Maybe I'm just old fashioned but I would have thought that killing and cutting up some lad and getting caught should have some damming repercussions? Or maybe not.

One of those chicks is saying that as she gave herself into the Guards that should count for something. Also that with her being locked up inside for 15 years means her 3 children will be all grown up when she gets out. Having a parent, aunt and granny like they have, they could all be reunited quicker than we think or it may be the best thing to happen the children.

Personally, lock em up and throw away the key and good riddance to bad rubbish.

We really don't need people like this on our streets living it up. They chose to do what they did and they should live with it. I'm sure when she was cutting up the fella she was thinking "Oh no, wait. By doing this I will miss out on my children growing up. Let's stop this tomfoolery". Or maybe not.
The mad thing is, it happened after a day on the beer and after taking drugs. They were all at it and then the fella tried it on with one of the sisters (with so much gargle in him I wonder was it the chubby one? Jesus...) and this lead to getting his throat slashed with a stanley knife and then getting his head beaten in.
After the whole thing the mother (seen at the top here) went on the run and is believed to be in London for the last two years. She gave herself up and is in court.
I don't know. Am I being too tough or is that in this PC world of our's people get of to easily for crimes? Lawyers seem hell bent on proving themselves by either sending some to prison and proving it (even if the person aint guilty) or getting them off on a technicality. These two were given 15 years and they should serve them. Whats the old saying? Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. Please let them do the time. And get their kids raised properly. Or send them to those religious freaks in America.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Not long left for Kofi Annan.

An unknown terrorist group have targeted UN dude Kofi Annan and placed a bounty on his head.

See below for further details:

Can Ireland get out of the Traps?

Today the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) actually, in my mind, made a very good decision. I think the appointment of Giovanni Trapattoni is an excellent decision.
This lad has an excellent CV with 10 league titles in 3 countries and he managed Juventus to their very first European Cup. A very tough feat. He managed some of Juve's top players including Liam Brady, Michel Platini and the Polish lad who was excellent in the 80's. He has led clubs to trophies wherever he has been and the most important thing is he knows how to win.
Some people have been dishing his international record with Italy. It really wasn't that bad. He was done in the 2002 World Cup by some shocking referring. He was unlucky not to qualify from the group in the 2004 Euro's. They were the only team never to qualify with 5 points.
Some say he plays very negative football but so what if we are winning. You have to ask yourself what you would prefer - a 1-0 win away to Cyprus or the 5-2 loss we had? You mightn't get goals in games but he can get results.
We also have to look at the overall picture and the players we have. Personally, I think we have a very weak squad and may struggle to qualify for the World Cup. I think we need to aim for the tournament after that. The first 11 is decent but still weak.
Stephen Kelly is good for the Premiership but he is not good enough for the Irish team. Only Given, Dunne, McGeady, Duff, Ireland and Keane show enough for me to think they are international quality. We have others who are good enough to fill positions like Carsley and Hunt. Kevin Doyle has potential but needs to get a bigger club to prove it. Other than that there are few I can think of that are good enough to drive us through.
More than likely we will get a surprise result like we usually do. Maybe beat Italy at home but I can't see us qualifying to be honest. But in this age of instant results or nothing it won't be enough for the "fans" who will probably boo at any bad performance and we will lose this man. We need more foresight and plan for the future. We have some very good youngsters coming through and we need to prepare for that. We also need to start showing more organisation and be better tactically and the results will follow. But we need time.
We are not the force and nowhere near the force we were under Jack Charlton. Then we had Bonner, McCarthy and Morris from Celtic. Whelan, Houghton and Aldridge from Liverpool. McGrath, Moran and Stapleton from Manure. Brady from Juventus. Now we have a few lads from Reading, a Manure 'utility' player and players from the old 2nd Division in England. Not the same and I wish people would stop comparing.
So I back this decision. Yes it took time but they got it right. They got a good man. And to prepare for the Italy match enjoy this....


Really, need I say more than the title? So many people for so long have been giving out crap loads about NTL and their customer service and so I will add my little tuppence worth me thinks.

It all started last Friday when I arrived home from work at 7.40pm to find that their was nothing happening on the telly. The box at the bottom of the screen which tells you what is on now and what will be on next were frozen at 4pm. This type of crap has happened before and usually switching of the decoder and putting it back on again usually works. This time it asked for an activation Pin which the engineer didn't leave.

Being late and knowing that NTL close at 8pm I called straight away.

At 7.56pm the call gets answered. I gave my name, address and telephone number, as we haven't received out customer number yet, and they verified me. The rest of the conversation went something like this:

"Yes, there is a problem in the Raheny area at the moment. We expect the engineer to be out in the next hour to fix this."

"OK. But can I have the activation pin please so I can check it?"

"I'm sorry, the department that deals in those pins is closed at the moment so we cannot help."

"OK, but when the TV comes back will that message be removed?"

"It might be."

"It might or it will?"

"It may be removed but if not then the other department are open at 9am and they can help. Is there anything else I can help you with?"

"No thanks. Bye"

The TV did not come back that night.

The next morning at about 12pm I decided to check the TV again. The message was still displayed and no sign of it moving. Flucker. So I called NTL again and I must stress that I went through the exact same options as the night before.

"Hi. There was a problem in the Raheny area last night and our picture is still not back. Is the fault still happening?"

"Hang on till I check for you. Nope, it should be resolved."

"Ok, can I get the activation code please for the TV?"

"Yes, one second please. The codes for Dublin are XXX, XXX and XXX. Can you try those please?"

Now none of the codes worked and I went through the reboot process with her (amazing how she had the codes and a collegaue last night couldn't get them?? Another department me hole). None of the codes worked. She advised she would send a signal down the line that might take 15 minutes and to try then. However, she would book and engineer visit just in case to ensure a speedy recovery. This was Saturday morning at 12.20pm. The first available engineer was Wedneday morning. Yup, Wednesday.

What she stated next really startled me to be honest. She told me that 9 times out of 10 when an engineer goes to fix a fault like the previous evening's it usually results in some people losing their reception and NTL need to revisit the location and fix the fault again. Yup, that's what she told me. Can you believe that? Its unreal. Their first time fix rate is shite. Really, really shite.

Anywho TV came back last night at 8.30pm some 4 days after it went down. I was assured that if we noted how long we were without the service we would be refunded in the bill but lets wait and see.

To be honest if there was any other way of getting TV without using NTL or Chorus I would but fucking management companies wont allow dishes to be installed unless it's one of those shared ones. I do wonder what they would do if you installed one on your balcony??

You don't love me, you really don't love me..

So, unlike Twenty, Una and Rick I didn't make the shortlist in any category for this years Irish Blog Awards.

However, I will still be there with bells and whistles on. Therefore you should be able to both hear and see me and know who your buying pints for.

If you fancy going you need to register on the website and places are going fast.....

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Mock the Week

If it's this funny all the time I defo have to watch this:

Lost souls at Pearse Street dart station

I love this.

In Pearse St. station there is one of those revolving advertising boards. You know the ones where it has three ad's running on the same board that revolve around in strips. The thing about this one is two of the ad's that are after each other. These is a religious one and an ad for James Blunt's latest album.

What's the connection you say? Well here it is.

The first ad has a religious conontation on it saying:

"The Lord Jesus said:
Unless you repent you too will perish"

The second ad had James Blunt's album 'All the lost souls'. Was this before or after they listened to it?

Reckon this was lost of those who put up the ad's ?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Are stats always accurate? What do they really mean?

I get the dart to work each day. Today while departing the train I noticed a sign beside the door stating as follows (not word for work obviously):

During the 3rd quarter of 2007 99% of darts arrived on time and 96% of darts went to schedule. Now, is that 99% of the 96% or is there something amiss?

Also, went they say arrived on time is that arrived at the FINAL station on time or at all stations? The reason I ask this, is that each morning the dart is a different time. I've caught darts scheduled at 11:14 at 11:14, 11:15, 11:17 and 11:19. But it got to Bray on time which is the main thing. The 18:16 train left today at 18:18. See the thing is I get trains at middle stations in Raheny and Sydney Parade. Maybe people want the dart to arrive into Bray, Greystones, Malahide and Howth on time but couldn't care less about the middle stations. In my experience they are rarely bang on time so I really would love Irish Rail to explain their stats.

I know the German's wouldn't put up with this. It acutally reminds me of a story my sister told me about when she lived in Germany. She was at the bus stop outside Karlsruhe and was used to Irish traffic and buses (this is mid 90's as well). On the bus stop it states the time the bus will arrive at each bus stop (unlike Dublin where it tells you what time the bus leaves but nothing else). This is amazing. Anyhow, the bus was 3 minutes later than advertised. A women in her 50's boarded the bus and gave out to the driver for being late and he apologised (can't imagine Dublin bus drivers doing that).

He tried to explain that the road works held up the bus and still admitted he should have been on time. Amazing. Yet look at the crap we put up with in Ireland.

Anyone else notice this??

Oh, and I still blame unions ;)

Friday, February 01, 2008

Are smokers the quickest people on the planet?

You may have watched the Men's 100m final in the Olympics. These lads are fast.

You may have seen Fernando Torres, Michael Owen or Ronaldo in action and thought "my, these lads could deliver my domino pizza in under the promised 30 mins given the chance".

But is there anyone in the world faster than a smoker? It never ceases to amaze me how quick these people spark up once they are off a train or bus, outside of work, or outta their car. It is stunning.

Within seconds of getting of the dart in the morning and before we have left the platform there is a sudden haze. It truly is stunning how quick it happens. Don't believe me? Just have a look next time.

Nominated - Yasies

This blog has been nominated in 2 categories in the upcoming Irish Blog Awards. It has been nominated in:

Best Blog and
Best Personal Blog

Also Rate This Toilet has been nominated in 2 categories these being:
Best Blog and
Best Specialist Blog

A big thank you to my home boys and girls who nominated me...word to you all.
Now, let the fun begin !!!

p.s. I hope Una has TM'd yasies.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Computers? Schools? Government? Really?

Was reading this morning that Mary Hanafin, the all knowledgeable runner of schools in Ireland stated that having computers in schools helps prevent kids from dropping out.

She was also talking about some crap package of €252m to be spent on schools (equates to about €15 per child per year in Ireland)

This is the same government who give schools NO money to buy computers. Most computers in Irish schools have come from the Tesco scheme and other such schemes that rely on parents to participate. Or, they get computers from businesses or from parents - not the government. This is also the same government who have spent no money on broadband for schools and who have wilfully neglected the schools for years. The same government who give no money to schools for maintenance or support of computers, networks or connections. And they expect kids to learn.

The sooner this government are out the better. And especially Hanafin.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Band or Singer - which one are you??

Think about this carefully.

If you could say you are like a band or singer which one would you say you are like and why???

For example, you may think you are like Radiohead. Had a good time in the 90's when everyone liked you but as people spent more time with you they got depressed and stopped hanging around. You went into hiding and in order to make new friends you offer them discounts to spend time with you..

Have a try..

Ahhh...Baby Cheeses

Stole this from Nerd Rock who stole it from Unbearably Light. Class.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Broadband Bill in the Seanad

I was listening to the Last Word on Today FM and heard Senator Shane Ross talk about the broadband bill he will be trying to get accepted in the Seanad.

I hope this gets accepted or even parts of it. Broadband in Ireland is crap and needs to be sorted ASAP.

Support this by emailing your ideas, issues and concerns to shane.ross@oireachtas.ie. Or if you don't have broadband use the old fashioned means (like the Government want us to):

Senator Shane Ross
Seanad Eireann
Leinster House
Kildare St
Dublin 2.

Tel: +353 1 618 3014
Home: +353 1 211 6692
Fax: + 353 1 618 4192

Fanny Waters v The Bloggers

So tomorrow Fanny Waters is taking on the blogging community on Newstalk. The yoke who has made some very bold statements about the Internet and blogger's will have the chance to take on a very able opponent.

Lets see what the scuttering gobsheen has to say for himself now..

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Newton Faulkner

Listened to his album "Hand built by robots" for the first time this evening and have to say I thought it was excellent. His cover of Massive Attack's "Teardrop" is really cool.

If you haven't bought this album get it.

Fanny Waters

Fanny Waters

You really should go to this amazing blog. Fanny Waters is so full of wisdom and he is imparting this to us. Go and gorge on this...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kevin Myers v Kieran Allen

I was listening to 'The Last Word' (or the Mulley show as it's known in some quarters) on Today FM and there was a debate between Kevin Myers (journo from the Irish Independant) and Kieran Allen author of "The Corporate take over of Ireland". It was with regards to the recent Irish Rail strike in Kent station in Cork.

I missed the start of the interview but apparently Mr.Allen personally attacked Kevin Myers on his views and background and not about the issue in question. Allen was stating that the guy in Cork had every right to do what he done because he was asked to do something that wasn't part of his job by management.

Lets look at this last statement: This one guy, brought down the whole rail network in Cork because he was asked to do something other than his norm. And he affected over 2000 rail users. Although his colleagues joined him, he alone is the cause why people had to find other means of travel. This one guy. Allen was saying that you can't let management get away with these things and he is right....to a point. There are ways and means of venting your frustration and making your point. In this case he could have called his union rep and acted.

But no. He went on strike and brought down the rail network. That is what Kevin Myers was arguing about and I agree with him. I don't often agree with him but in this case he is right.

There has to be an accountability in any line of work and the unions have done nothing for the public who are affected by these inexcusable strikes.

Some guy wrote into the show and stated that what happened to cause this strike was that an agreement was reached before Xmas between the Labour Courts, management at Irish Rail and the unions and this agreement was breached. That is wrong but so is the strike. The unions have no trouble stating what caused the strike was wrong but never, ever admit when their members are in the wrong and act on it.

And this needs to start happening. Soon.

Open note to the American owners of Liverpool

Fuck off back to America and leave our club and manager alone.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Why this country is going to shit

I was reading Twenty's post about the HSE slashing budgets in our hospital's which makes so much sense. Where else would Mary Harney get the money for food?

It made me think of this letter that was in the Metro newspaper this morning. Everything in this letter show's what is wrong with Ireland and why everything run in the public sector and civil service is in total and utter crap. What I write here is taken exactly from the letter:

"So us poorly paid civil servants will have to endure more hardship and financial struggles after the disgraceful benchmarking report?

On my journey home by train on Thursday I listened to the intense criticism of public sector employees. How easily they forget that without civil servants they will not be able to sign on and collect their social welfare payments when the tiger finally dies.

I had time to sit back and consider my futur employment prospects in a full-time pensionable job with six months paid sick leave, seven uncertified sick days each year, flexi-time, free educational courses, paid study leave, free car parking in the city, 23 days annual leave, two priviledge days and a requirement to work a massive six hours 57 minutes each day.

Then I remembered that when decentralisation is completed I will have a five minute walk to work. So, private sector slaves do you honestly believe I'm worried about the three per cent pay increase. Your criticism is falling on very comfortable but deaf ears.

Happy civil servant by email".

We pay for this gobshite to work? We pay for them to have 25 days holidays and all that sick leave (and they probably take most of it too)? How can they justify all those perks for civil servants for very little work? I mean, this person says they have to work 6 hours 57 minutes per day. Do they actually work any more than about 2 hours in reality.

I hate this dude/dudette. An utter prick. If the tiger dies, I hope you are the first person made redundant you insensitive bollox.

School Broadband

I see on Damien's blog he has a story about more lies from TIF and the Government on school broadband.
I also know this story to be untrue as I have inside information.

I just wonder how much longer can this government go on in light of all the rubbish and scandal that is surrounding it? It seems that for 10 years while they hid everything, they think now that they don't have to hide it anymore as they have been voted back in. That we are all OK with what they have done and will continue to bend over and take it again.

It's about time we all started to stand up to them. Yes we had the Celtic Tiger but it's waning and they are doing nothing at all. We need to do something, and quick.

Friday, January 11, 2008

FBI in non-payment of bill shock..

I love this story. A telephone company cut off an FBI phone tap for not paying the bill.


Fly on the wall

If you could be a fly on any wall in the world for 1 day (and guaranteed not to be swotted) where would you be and why?

And to help you think, some soft music...

2008 Irish Blog Awards

And so the date has been set for the 2008 Irish Blog Awards and tis on March 1st in the Alexander Hotel in Dublin.

Please do come along. If you are not there then (delete as appropriate):
1) You were not invited
2) You are bitter about last years awards
3) You are a Fine Gael moron who is bitter and twisted.

As Una says, byesies.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Another Irish Rail Strike

I heard yesterday on the news (yes, I'm a bit behind everyone else) that an unofficial strike had been averted in Cork. However, services between Cork and Dublin and the commuter lines in Cork were affected by this strike. Yet again, it was the rail inspection and maintenance staff that caused this stoppage.

I ask - when will this crap stop? It was unofficial. No stoppage should have occurred. Why do the ordinary people suffer because of a disagreement between management and workers? Why is it that when people are in a union and have a gripe, rather than talking properly over the issue downing tools is their first action? And if deemed wrong NOTHING EVER happens them.

If this disruption was wrong I want to know what will happen the man who caused the problem. Why is it, that one man can cause trouble for 100's and get away with it? Why does his union back him? Answer: Unions in Ireland are weak ass bodies who do nothing at all expect cause people pain. Period.

Please, oh please something needs to be done to ensure that unofficial strikes and disruptions to people does not occur.

Irish Rail apologised for the inconvience caused. Nothing from the unions or the prick who caused the problem. I'm sure those affected who were late to meetings, late home, or had to fork out for taxis or other methods of transport are really grateful for the apology.

I hate unions.

Judge not lest thee be...

...judges yourselves.

Yes indeed, Damien is looking for people to be judges for the 2008 Irish Blog Awards. Put yourself forward for this prestigious honour.

Last year, I was a judge for the awards overseeing the "Best Political Blog". This year I will indeed put myself forward to be one of the judges. I think that awards of this nature are fantastic and really should be promoted. Too often in this country we have pansy-ass offering such as the All-Stars which are not really award ceremonies. These do not always go to the best, cost a fortune to run and more to the point, a fortune to attend, and are not attainable to the average Joe Soap.

The Blog Awards are fantastic. Well run, open attendance, no crap dinner and a good laugh. They are also a chance to meet you heroes. Or maybe not.

So Damien, I humbly offer my services.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Where the money REALLY goes

Did anyone else notice on page 6 of the Metro today (got it in Dublin).

Heading 1: Fares for Luas and Dart go up
Heading 2: Up to 3% pay rise (for civil and public service)

Is that not too much of a coincidence??

I honestly don't know how they can justify the raising of prices of the Luas and Dart when there has been no improving of the service that I can see. They are also raising the prices of Intercity trains. If they really are keen on getting more people using public transport then:

1) Increse the number of services and expect a loss in the first few years (do Irish Rail and Bus Eireann make a profit? If so, why? Surely they should just be a cost centre)
2) Lower the prices to make it more attractive for people to travel on public transport
3) Have more park and ride facilities
4) Maybe, and this is a novel idea, solicit people to see what they NEED.
5) Remove this stupid idea of having to get a CIE photo ID to buy monthly tickets. Why can't a drivers license or passport be enough?

I think the prices for the dart service are already over priced. To give an idea, I get a weekly return ticket from Raheny to Sydney Parade (about a 20 min train journey depending on the way the driver is feeling and the number of leaves on the track). This weekly ticket costs €16.50 and is going to go up. Yup, €16.50 for a max of 14 train journeys.

Now, in Sydney for $35 you get 7 days unlimited use of bus, rail and ferries within certain zones of the city. The zones for this ticket cover nearly everything you will need. Which seems the more value for money? Consider also that the trains in Sydney run AFTER midnight and at weekends trains are pretty much 24x7.

We in this country just bend over and take it.

The shee-ite heads that run public transport need to be beaten but I will make one more statement:

We will NEVER have a decent public transport system or health service while Unions are involved.

Sunday, January 06, 2008


My head ain't right this morning....damn food. Honestly don't think it was the beer.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Using the language

See over on Damien's blog a massive who-ha over not much really.

What I don't understand is why people are having a go at Damien for his language. Why can't people see that different things offend different people.

Personally, I don't find the word "retard" offensive. I find other words offensive and if people use them towards me I won't be shy in letting them know I find it offensive. Similarily I would expect people to say the same to me. But it's all about how they let the person know.

Recently, Tommy Tiernan got slated by do-gooders over his DVD yet people with the disabilities he was making fun off stood up for him. We can make fun of stupid people, white people, people with no disorders so if we are treat everyone the same, why can't people make fun of the disabled? Surely that's one of the best ways to integrate everyone into our environment.

This is one of the reason's I enjoyed the Borat movie and also his book. He doesn't hold back and presents it from the point of view of someone who actually uses the language in the manner.

Maybe we need to understand if the people who are being called these words find it offensive. Black, coloured or whatever the PC term is now-a-days people often call each other "nigger" so why can't I call them it? Often they refer to caucasian people as "white boy" or "white girl". If I get offended by this what next - do I tell them to stop?

The world needs to calm the fluck down and stop a lot of this PC nonsense.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

To do list for 2008

One of the lads I work with told me about this thing his wife and himself do each year. They sit down and compile a list of things they would like to accomplish for the coming year.

Be it go to Glastonbury, attend a play in the west end or play a round of golf at a certain course they list things they want to do. They are not necessarily done together and it helps them put a purpose to the year and ensure that each weekend is not wasted.

I thought this was a great idea and so must sit down and do a list as well.

To start with, here are 2 of mine.

1) Write a book (not saying novel as not sure if I can create a story 80,000 words long - unless in part of the book someone is reciting parts of War and Peace)
2) Get a surfboard, wetsuit and get surfing....

What would your list be???

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

I would like to wish everyone a very happy and peaceful 2008.

Except for Schlumberger management.

Pick me! Pick Me!!

It's that time of the year again when the Irish Blog awards take place. If you feel the need to, please choose this blog for one of the awards...

You can vote here but please READ the rules on nominating. However to ease your pain of wondering vote this blog for the "Best Blog" category and "Best Personal Blog" category.

Don't forget to vote for Rate This Toilet for the "Best Specialist Blog" category. It rocks. And helps you with the pain of wondering where to take to the throne.