Thursday, July 10, 2008

Crowded House

A few weeks back, my wife and myself headed for the Crowded House concert in the Ambassador in Dublin. To be honest, other than their chart music I know nothing about Crowded House. I have never listened to any album and I would admit to not liking them as an ex-flatmate in college played Tim Finn stuff non stop.
However, they were fab. Really fab. They are excellent performers and actually looked like they were enjoying themselves on stage. They interacted really well with the crowd (which was not a sell out by any means) and really buzzed of the intimate atmosphere.
They played all the classics and even played some Police music on a Cello that was at the side of the stage. Now, I'm a fan.
However, there was one thing that really did annoy me. And that was people talking.
There were these 5 people behind us who talked almost non stop for the entire concert. The little fat chick seemed to think that people came to hear her and not the band. She talked, and talked and laughed very loudly and talked again. She was so fuckin irritating it wasn't funny. Once she went "Oh I love this song" and stopped talking for about 5 seconds after that comment.
I suppose some smart arse will come on and say why didn't I move but why should I? It just shows that some people have more money than sense. Three of the five had their backs turned to the stage for most of the concert so really you have to ask why go? Do people really have €60 odd to throw away to go out for a chat and a few beers? That's just wrong. There were loads of people around us who were all listening to the band and these people annoyed them - you could see with the stares that were being thrown in their direction. These people also placed themselves in the middle of the crowd and not an an extremity and so annoyed the maximum amount of people.
You are tits. Please fuck off and never go to concerts again unless you plan on actually giving the band some respect by listening to them.
Still, the band were great (did I say that already?) and would love to see them again. Now off I go to get some of their music...

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