Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Goodbye 2007

I have to say, like Damien I will be delighted to see the back of 2007. Lots of things have happened this year that will make me glad to move into next year.

We had great news in July only to see the rug pulled from under us in early August. My previous job sucked big time with a new management structure all based in the US and A deciding that people in Cork we surplus to their requirements. I do honestly believe that what they are doing with the Global Servicedesks will not work. This comment is something I have been saying before anything happened with my job. They have a very narrow-minded, shallow idea and it will not work. I do hope though that it backfires and seriously bites them in the ass. Then after agreeing to leave, I was lied to by the management and so I'm really glad to see the back of them.

Finally we have been living in Cobh for the last three years. I can honestly say that I have never, ever, had such a tough time trying to live anywhere. It is almost impossible to integrate into that community and so we had to leave and now live in Dublin. Luckily, with the current climate, we managed to sell our house and hope the new people enjoy the house but we just didn't have the luck.

So, goodbye 2007 and so looking forward to 2008.

Merry Christmas

To the very few who read this blog, I hope you have a very Merry and peaceful Christmas and that 2008 brings everything you wish for.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I wonder...

Regular Irish Bloggers (and many, many others) know Damien and Damien's previous life in Ireland Offline. When I worked with Damien I often asked and sought advise on telecom's issues and how to best get a result. When I was talking to him about getting crap cold-calls he said there is a number you can call and tell them you don't want to receive cold calls any more from Eircom or anyone else.

Got me to thinking....

Is there a number to call to stop Jehovah's Witnesses or Born Again Christian's calling to my house? If they call and I tell them to stop and not come back does this suffice? Is there a list to get added to.

For the record, I'm not religious and don't want salvation.


Harney must go...NOW !!!!

Another case of pure negligence in our, ahem, wonderful health system. This poor women and I wonder how many more are like her. How many men in the same situation with regards to getting testing.

When is Mary Harney going to go and leave us in peace? When can we get a health system akin to our so-called world status? When, when, when are we going to stop asking these questions and get answers. WHEN ???

All I want for Xmas is.....

A scorpion, a snake and other miscellaneous animals...fancy anything on the list??

Friday, December 14, 2007

Twas the night before Xmas - Competition time

OK. Here is the challenge. On Twenty's blog he has his entry for "The Night Before Xmas" competition (even though he wasn't aware he was entering).

The challenge is to write your own version. Then link to this post from your blog with your entry (or leave as a comment), and then I will list them all on a post next Wed. Deadline for entries is Tuesday December 18th. People can then vote for their favourite and the winner gets a special prize (which I haven't decided yet but twill be nice, honest).

Now to go home and write my own version......

Harney - Please go!

I was listening to The Last Word the other day and they had a very sad story about a fella from Cork whose wife passed away. She was a young woman (early forties I think).

He took her into hospital, she was checked again, again and again and to no avail. Over the next few weeks more doctor and hospital visits but nothing was working. She couldn't eat and lost lots of weight. Eventually she was checked into hospital, spent the guts of 12 hours in a corridor waiting for a bed. That night he got a call to say she was very sick, he rushed in and she passed away. It turned out what killed her hadn't been diagnosed properly.

He tried to find the accountable person in the HSE and no-one would talk to him and even denied they were accountable. He sued the HSE and they admitted guilt and agreed a settlement. He still can't find the person(s) accountable and all they will say is "The HSE is responsible and accountable". Head's must roll. Harney's head must roll.

I really hope that she disappears very, very quickly never to reappear. Even if it means we have to give her a payment of €500, 000 it would be worth it to get rid of her. Useless, ugly, ignorant sow that she is. From what I can see, our health system is worse than when she started.

And do you know what makes this man's story even worse (if thats possible)? He is an ambulance driver at the hospital where his wife died and they couldn't even help him a bit. And his own management wouldn't meet and talk to him.

I think this story is indicitive of the sad, depressing, ignorant society that we now find ourselves. Very sad indeed.