Tuesday, February 27, 2007

PC has gone mad

I was reading BifSniff's Blog and happened upon a link to a blog called Violent Acres.

Perusing her blog I saw an item she wrote on Political Correctness and I have to say that if she were to run for President and I were a US citizen I would vote for her - on the back of this blog item. Sweet Jesus PC stuff has been driving me mad for years.

Now, I'm not against PC stuff but it just goes too fuckin stoopid sometimes. Manholes are no longer manholes - they are "public access areas". In football (not soccer, football) they are not linesmen anymore (those people who run the line) but rather assistant referees as there are females in the job. In an interview I read last year with a woman, who is likely to be the first English Premiership Referee, she said she preferred the title linesman. When she was growing up that's what they were called. That's what they still get called at matches and that is what she prefers to be called (and also calls herself) when asked what she does.

I just think that some people have to much fuckin time on their hands to think of all these things and then try to change them. Chairman is another one. What next? Can you manhandle something or will it be "personhandle" or "womanhandle". Fuckin feminists have a lot to answer for. Them seem hell bent on getting equal rights or title changing but then, when it suits, they pull the "we are weak" card. How many feminists does it take to build a house? Exactly. How many women do you see out in the pishing rain lifting blocks or pushing wheelbarrows of cement? Get some of the dole queue and out building and see what lads have been going through for years.

I suppose I will get hounded for this blog entry but PC stuff and some of the equality arguments make my blood boil. They honestly do.

Just for the record, I once asked a colleague how would he prefer I call him if I had to describe his skin color (if needed in a conversation) to someone else and he said "black". I'm not sure about the title "African-American" because what if they live in Ireland and have never been to either Africa or America? What if they are off Caribbean decent? How do we describe second generation people of Japanese or Chinese descent born over here? Do we call them "Irish-Asian" or "American-Asian" if they live stateside?

I can state that I am not a racist and have never had time for that shite. We are all of the same world and as long as you pull your weight and cause me no grief then I couldn't give a monkeys what color your skin is (just remember that white is a color so if you call me white I wont be offended even though I'm more a "pale cotton" like on the Dulux paint color cards).

Monday, February 26, 2007

People who are fuckers No.4 - Driver of 96 C 6542

Yes, you - you gobshite.

You driving the red Seat Cordoba this morning.

You who drove so fast to ensure to overtake me before I moved out to overtake - and then slowed down.

You who then sat in the right-hand lane of the dual carriageway at 90km. Dont you know how to drive and why you shouldn't sit there?

You fucker.....fuck, fuck, fuck, fucker......

Friday, February 23, 2007

Guess what I was asked to be last night?

Have a guess from the following quotes:

"I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse."

"Never tell anybody outside the family what you're thinking again."

"In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns"

Yes, indeed. I was asked to be the godfather to my new nephew Liam, born Friday Feb 16th. Went to Dingle to see him on Tuesday night and he's one lovely child - still looked like an alien but lovely all the same.

Here's to warping his fagile little mind !

Thursday, February 22, 2007

People who are fuckers No.3 - Mary Harney

Mary Harney.

The sooner this government is out, the sooner this ignorant, fat piece of shit is gone from our TV's, radio's and every other media the better this world will be. You fuckers keep insisting on having competition in our market place and the you go and introduce risk equalization. Then there is a loophole so you rush through legislation to block this. What sort of stupid fuckheads have we as politicians.

The other parties can go and fuck themselves as well. This is something they would have done in they were in power.

I'm convinced that every member of our government has massive shares in VHI and that is why all this is happening.

Did it ever cross your little fucking minds that maybe, just maybe, VHI's plans are not better than BUPA's and that is why people were choosing BUPA? It's not all to do with age.

Mary Harney - fuck off ! I met you when I was 17 and you wouldn't even acknowledge the presence of the young (potential votes) staff in the hotel and from them on I made a vow to never, ever vote for you or any party for which you were a member off.

Bitch. And stop eating or we will have to delve into the EU supplies and get food aid.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Blog Awards 2007

The Irish Blog Awards will take place on March 3rd in the Alexander Hotel in Dublin.

If you have no plans sure why not go along. You will have to register though so they can manage the numbers.

I'm sure Ter will have a map to the hotel on his webpage before the event. Ter is the king of maps. If you ever need a map, ask Ter. He and his maps know the way to everywhere.

People who are fuckers No.2 - Rosanna Davison

Rosanna Davison

I wish to God (or whatever above power you may or may not believe in) that this bimbo would forever fuck all and leave us all alone. Go back to college and finish of that make-up course of whatever course you were doing. Jesus. Its getting worse that the eyebrow in that she is in every fuckin Irish publication these days.

On Sunday last, I decided to get a load of papers and have a nice quiet afternoon reading. And low and behold in the magazine with the Indo there was baby De Burgh on the front with her "D4" pals...oohhhh, excuse me. Fuckers.

Jesus. A closer look results in the article showing pics of her and her pals "out on the lash" in Dublin's hip and trendy places. And all because they tell all their stories, loike, on their Bebo accounts. So fuckin what. I'm out next weekend if you want to send a camera man and I can tell ya there will be a hell of a lot more to photo. Jesus. Her new fella, Wes Quirke (she is with him because his Da is a doctor - as in he owns Dr. Quirkeys amusement arcade in Dublin. She doesn't know this place as its on the north side loike and couldn't soil her shoes down there.

Look. She had her 5 mins of fame winning Miss World in 2003. She's not bad to look at but don't we, in Ireland, flog a dead horse more than any other nation? Where are the tabloids to fabricate stories of drugs, or sex-addiction or whatever? But then again she's from Dublin, and the south-side more to the point, and so they couldn't possibly do a story like that. The cocaine snorting, suppository taking, drug injecting, drunk fuckers. D4 my arse.

Oh, and you should change your name to the same as your dimunitive songster father. Rosanna De Burgh (stage name or not).

Monday, February 19, 2007

Dont read the Sun...

...its a piece of shit.

Baltimore, Cork

I went with the missus down to Baltimore this weekend. When I say weekend I mean Saturday night. Lets face it, two nights away anywhere in Ireland these days costs a small fortune. So one night for me (push the boat out or wha ?)

We stayed in the Baltimore Harbour Hotel which has to have thee worst sound proofing ever. Some dumb bitch next door spent 20 minutes trying to get the key into her room but it sounded like our door. When someone sneezed the partition between the rooms moved and you could hear anything and everything going on. To be honest the place, while clean, was a dive. Some hovels are in better shape. Still, it was a place to put the head down and try to get to sleep while some gobshite attempted to sing in the lobby and woo the local pensioners club.

Dont be fooled by the nice website. It cost more than it did to paint and decorate the whole building...so about twenty quid then.

However, we did have a lovely meal in Baltimore. It was in Casey's restaurant. Superb. Lovely medium-cooked fillet stake, pepper sauce, fresh veg and mashed spuds....and (this is for Damien) not a laminate menu to be seen !!!

I highly recommend this place for food and you can stay there. Or be fucked over like an alter boy from yesteryear by playing €120 B&B in the other place. Off season. Breakfast was nice though.

Reduce VAT on Condoms

In Ireland, we have tax at 2 rates on things - 13.5% and 21%.

21% is for those things which our wonderful government class as 'Luxury' items such as phone calls, ESB and GAS (things which you will agree are not essential).

Currently condoms (and apparently women's sanitary yokes) are subject to 21% VAT. Some politician over here (will note who when I find out) is urging for the tax to be removed in these days of disease and teenagers sprogging all around us.

I think that this is great. Last year the UK reduced tax to 5% on condoms. However, I think that we should remove tax altogether.

Those in favor say aaayyyeeee !

I think a petition is being created somewhere for people to sign and will put a link here when done.

Friday, February 16, 2007

People who are fuckers No.1 - Outside Lane Drivers

No.1 in my people who are fuckers list are those fuckers who drive on the right-hand lane (of course this is country dependant) of a dual-carraigeway and think they are going nothing wrong going at around or under the speed limit.





And thus ends lesson 1.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Pics for Thursday

Some good pics....enjoy. I'd say Twenty Major would enjoy the first one.

Hope you have/had a happy thursday and to all the Mexicans living and working in Houston, Texas, I hope you all had a very Happy Valentines Day

How relevant are we in the universe?

Well, have a look and check for yourself.

Of couse in the first picture politicians dont even register as pixels or fraction of pixels or even as a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a pixel as they are all fuckin bolloxs. I totally agree with Twenty Major on this.

Time wasting, money abusing, thieving fuckers.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Annoying Ad's

Don't you find that some ad's on Radio are really fuckin annoying? I'd say in Ireland we have the most irritating ads especially those Eircom Phonewatch ad's. For those that don't know them they prey really heavily on peoples fears at different times of the year. At the moment its (and I'm not 100% quoting I know) "Valentines is a time for love but there are others who don't have romance on their minds.....BURGLARS!". At new year it was "Now is the time for everyone to make a resolution to change something but others have no intention of changing...BURGLARS!".

FUCK OFF.....Jesus these are annoying. And they have one for every occasion.

Then we have the Opel ads. Picture it. Couple in the restaurant just finished their meal and it goes something like this..

Him: "I'll get this."
Her: "I think we should go 50-50"
Him: "No I insist"
Her: "No 50-50"
Him: "No"
Her: "No..I'm talking about Opel's new 50-50 offer"

Sweet lord of the divine comedy would these ad's ever fleck off and leave us alone. I was there I'd leave her. There you are, trying to pay for a meal and she's talking about buying a fuckin car. Well, tell ya what. Just say, "No, you pay for the whole dinner and you wont be able to afford the car the prices this place is charging".

There are others but I'm going to rehab to try and forget them..

Friday, February 09, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith - RIP

As most of you will have heard by now Vickie Lynn Hogan Marshall (or Anna Nicole Smith as she was better known) passed away yesterday at Seminole hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. Although we don't know the reasons behind her death its still unexpected. Her son passed away not so long ago and I suppose with the case against who the father of her daughter is and also the stress with the case against her late husbands (J. Howard Marshall) estate something was gonna give.

For those of us who were discovering Playboy in the late 80's early 90's she was one of the first models we knew (along with Jenny McCarthy) from that magazine.

Her show was pants and she may have not been the sharpest knife in the drawer (or even a knife) but still there was something about her that you had to like. She lived life to the full and sure that's what we are here for...a good time, not a long time.

Rest In Peace.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Drug testing school kids??

In an amazing ploy to win votes for the upcoming general election, an idea from one of our wonderful potential leaders is to drug test school children. Apparently these will be voluntary and random. So, someone will turn up at schools, pick someone out and the child will tell them where to go. And so on. And so no-one will get tested as is right. All that money to test no-one.

So, following on from a story on Damien's webpage we think that all politicians should be drug tested - and it should be mandatory !!

So go and sign the petition but clicking the button below to get them tested....with ideas like this they must be off their tits on something. They are some fuckin edjits. Sweet jesus...who the hell do we vote for??

Monday, February 05, 2007

1st Picture !

Here is an artists impression of how Orla may look on her big day...

Orla's Wedding - Weekly Update

As promised before here are the latest updates on Orla's wedding. As you know, Father Brian D'Arcy, of Sunday World fame, will perform the ceremony. Fr. Brian, a close family friend and confident of Orla, is said to be delighted to be involved and is working closely with Orla on the format of the wedding.

We can confirm also that the venue for the reception has been chosen. Orla was seen on Thursday last in a booth in Clancy's pub Cork with a man in dark glasses and baseball hat. What staff have described as an "excitable debate" took place and once the man had left Orla confirmed that that talk was to decide on the venue and get his blessing on the reception. So, the venue is Michael Flatley's home, Castle Hyde Estate near Fermoy. Michael is noted to be family friend of the Barrett's and no doubt will assist with the spread to be put on.

Finally the only other information available is that Orla was very keen to have Luciano Pavarotti perform in the Church but her fiancé was apparently heard saying "There will be only one Tenor in that Church".

So to summarize on what we know so far:

Date of Wedding: November, 10th 2007
Church: St. Finbar's Cathedral, Cork and wedding performed by Fr. Brian D'Arcy
Reception Venue: Castle Hyde Estate Fermoy

Friday, February 02, 2007

Well done Ray D'Arcy show...

Not content with winning their 3rd meteor award in a row for best radio show, the Ray D'Arcy show on Today FM they have helped people get Eircom stuff sorted. On their show earlier in the week they received thousands of complaints from disgruntled customers of the alleged phone service provider.

Today they revealed that people are getting vans pulling up outside their house to get long awaited phone lines and broadband connected. Also people are getting unsolicited calls from Eircom engineers to fix issues ! What is happening? Can it be that they have, at last, got their finger out and started treating us like the paying customers we are? Surely not....

Also they called Eircom and asked how do people report issues or complaints. Well, still have to dial 1901 but shout "agent" at any stage. Once they get through to someone the agent will take the details but have to get back within 48 hours with an answer....its a start and at least you know you will get some answer back without having to call 10 million times - free or not.

Nice one Ray and team and well done on the award.

And what happens the Garda involved?

I heard this story on the news yesterday whereby a woman was raped and abused by her family for over 20 years starting when she was 5 years old. When she was 12 she first reported it to the Garda who dismissed her claim and one allegedly stated the she must have enjoyed it after taking so long to report it (sick fucker).

Well the courts have ruled that the woman can sue the Garda for not helping her which they are appealing. Appealing? Appealing? What rights have they got to appeal. The Garda that laughed at her and did not listen or investigate her claims she be sacked if they are still working with no pension. And then jailed for aiding and abetting a crime which essentially they were doing by not helping. Those that have retired should also be accountable for what happened. She first reported it after suffering SEVEN YEARS of abuse and this went on for another 15-20 years !!! What happens those Garda? Nothing...our wonderful country does not do anything against civil service (nothing civil about most of those fuckers in any of the jobs covered by that title) folk who do something wrong.

"Of we let them go from their job" is usually what is said but they get FULL PENSIONS ! They should get fuck all.

Jail those Garda. For the same length of time that that poor woman suffered (who incidentally had a child by her brother who got 15 years for the abuse she suffered) with no perks when they get out. Nothing. No pensions. No job propects. Nothing. Especially the one that made the comment (allegedly)

That would teach them. Jesus I cant get over how sick this is and how unbelievable shit our Guards are.