Monday, February 19, 2007

Reduce VAT on Condoms

In Ireland, we have tax at 2 rates on things - 13.5% and 21%.

21% is for those things which our wonderful government class as 'Luxury' items such as phone calls, ESB and GAS (things which you will agree are not essential).

Currently condoms (and apparently women's sanitary yokes) are subject to 21% VAT. Some politician over here (will note who when I find out) is urging for the tax to be removed in these days of disease and teenagers sprogging all around us.

I think that this is great. Last year the UK reduced tax to 5% on condoms. However, I think that we should remove tax altogether.

Those in favor say aaayyyeeee !

I think a petition is being created somewhere for people to sign and will put a link here when done.

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