Tuesday, February 27, 2007

PC has gone mad

I was reading BifSniff's Blog and happened upon a link to a blog called Violent Acres.

Perusing her blog I saw an item she wrote on Political Correctness and I have to say that if she were to run for President and I were a US citizen I would vote for her - on the back of this blog item. Sweet Jesus PC stuff has been driving me mad for years.

Now, I'm not against PC stuff but it just goes too fuckin stoopid sometimes. Manholes are no longer manholes - they are "public access areas". In football (not soccer, football) they are not linesmen anymore (those people who run the line) but rather assistant referees as there are females in the job. In an interview I read last year with a woman, who is likely to be the first English Premiership Referee, she said she preferred the title linesman. When she was growing up that's what they were called. That's what they still get called at matches and that is what she prefers to be called (and also calls herself) when asked what she does.

I just think that some people have to much fuckin time on their hands to think of all these things and then try to change them. Chairman is another one. What next? Can you manhandle something or will it be "personhandle" or "womanhandle". Fuckin feminists have a lot to answer for. Them seem hell bent on getting equal rights or title changing but then, when it suits, they pull the "we are weak" card. How many feminists does it take to build a house? Exactly. How many women do you see out in the pishing rain lifting blocks or pushing wheelbarrows of cement? Get some of the dole queue and out building and see what lads have been going through for years.

I suppose I will get hounded for this blog entry but PC stuff and some of the equality arguments make my blood boil. They honestly do.

Just for the record, I once asked a colleague how would he prefer I call him if I had to describe his skin color (if needed in a conversation) to someone else and he said "black". I'm not sure about the title "African-American" because what if they live in Ireland and have never been to either Africa or America? What if they are off Caribbean decent? How do we describe second generation people of Japanese or Chinese descent born over here? Do we call them "Irish-Asian" or "American-Asian" if they live stateside?

I can state that I am not a racist and have never had time for that shite. We are all of the same world and as long as you pull your weight and cause me no grief then I couldn't give a monkeys what color your skin is (just remember that white is a color so if you call me white I wont be offended even though I'm more a "pale cotton" like on the Dulux paint color cards).


Gerry said...

I'm never sure about the correct PC term either, is it "Monaghan person" or will Gobshite suffice?

lynchtp said...

I was Green on Sunday
And it had nothing to do with being Irish.