Tuesday, February 20, 2007

People who are fuckers No.2 - Rosanna Davison

Rosanna Davison

I wish to God (or whatever above power you may or may not believe in) that this bimbo would forever fuck all and leave us all alone. Go back to college and finish of that make-up course of whatever course you were doing. Jesus. Its getting worse that the eyebrow in that she is in every fuckin Irish publication these days.

On Sunday last, I decided to get a load of papers and have a nice quiet afternoon reading. And low and behold in the magazine with the Indo there was baby De Burgh on the front with her "D4" pals...oohhhh, excuse me. Fuckers.

Jesus. A closer look results in the article showing pics of her and her pals "out on the lash" in Dublin's hip and trendy places. And all because they tell all their stories, loike, on their Bebo accounts. So fuckin what. I'm out next weekend if you want to send a camera man and I can tell ya there will be a hell of a lot more to photo. Jesus. Her new fella, Wes Quirke (she is with him because his Da is a doctor - as in he owns Dr. Quirkeys amusement arcade in Dublin. She doesn't know this place as its on the north side loike and couldn't soil her shoes down there.

Look. She had her 5 mins of fame winning Miss World in 2003. She's not bad to look at but don't we, in Ireland, flog a dead horse more than any other nation? Where are the tabloids to fabricate stories of drugs, or sex-addiction or whatever? But then again she's from Dublin, and the south-side more to the point, and so they couldn't possibly do a story like that. The cocaine snorting, suppository taking, drug injecting, drunk fuckers. D4 my arse.

Oh, and you should change your name to the same as your dimunitive songster father. Rosanna De Burgh (stage name or not).


Anonymous said...

You call yourself a genius, every second word printed is "fuck",you must have a huge chip on your shoulder and quite limited vocabulary!

pmcq said...

She almost pisses me off as much that one Glenda Gilson...

Anonymous said...

I agree with you shes an over rated fucker who is so up her own arse its incredible. HATE HER!

Anonymous said...

fair play to her what pisses me off is her sad clown of a boyfriend and co that are jus cringeworthy....grow a pair of balls lads!