Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Annoying Ad's

Don't you find that some ad's on Radio are really fuckin annoying? I'd say in Ireland we have the most irritating ads especially those Eircom Phonewatch ad's. For those that don't know them they prey really heavily on peoples fears at different times of the year. At the moment its (and I'm not 100% quoting I know) "Valentines is a time for love but there are others who don't have romance on their minds.....BURGLARS!". At new year it was "Now is the time for everyone to make a resolution to change something but others have no intention of changing...BURGLARS!".

FUCK OFF.....Jesus these are annoying. And they have one for every occasion.

Then we have the Opel ads. Picture it. Couple in the restaurant just finished their meal and it goes something like this..

Him: "I'll get this."
Her: "I think we should go 50-50"
Him: "No I insist"
Her: "No 50-50"
Him: "No"
Her: "No..I'm talking about Opel's new 50-50 offer"

Sweet lord of the divine comedy would these ad's ever fleck off and leave us alone. I was there I'd leave her. There you are, trying to pay for a meal and she's talking about buying a fuckin car. Well, tell ya what. Just say, "No, you pay for the whole dinner and you wont be able to afford the car the prices this place is charging".

There are others but I'm going to rehab to try and forget them..

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