Monday, February 19, 2007

Baltimore, Cork

I went with the missus down to Baltimore this weekend. When I say weekend I mean Saturday night. Lets face it, two nights away anywhere in Ireland these days costs a small fortune. So one night for me (push the boat out or wha ?)

We stayed in the Baltimore Harbour Hotel which has to have thee worst sound proofing ever. Some dumb bitch next door spent 20 minutes trying to get the key into her room but it sounded like our door. When someone sneezed the partition between the rooms moved and you could hear anything and everything going on. To be honest the place, while clean, was a dive. Some hovels are in better shape. Still, it was a place to put the head down and try to get to sleep while some gobshite attempted to sing in the lobby and woo the local pensioners club.

Dont be fooled by the nice website. It cost more than it did to paint and decorate the whole about twenty quid then.

However, we did have a lovely meal in Baltimore. It was in Casey's restaurant. Superb. Lovely medium-cooked fillet stake, pepper sauce, fresh veg and mashed spuds....and (this is for Damien) not a laminate menu to be seen !!!

I highly recommend this place for food and you can stay there. Or be fucked over like an alter boy from yesteryear by playing €120 B&B in the other place. Off season. Breakfast was nice though.


Gerry said...

wow and the hotel website looks so good. goes to show you what a bit of marketing and photoshop can do

lynchtp said...

I could have told this.
As could gav, I cant believe he never told you to stay in Casey's I think he has a tattoo of it.

Oh and supervalu have some cheap getaway things to caseys as well.