Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tickets went..

The tickets on offer for the match last night between France and New Zealand went for face value.

And i'd say it was some game to be at as it was very exciting to watch.

Irish Rail Watch

For my 200th post I thought that I would post about something that is close to my much Irish Rail suck.

On Wednesday last, I travelled to Dublin by train for the first time in about 4 years. And they didn't disappoint. For all the published items on the amount of trains that depart and arrive on time I took three trains and all were late.

Train 1, Cork-Dublin: Due to depart on Wednesday morning at 10.30am - left at 10.33am (you may think this is pedantic but it is still late)

Train 2, Dublin-Cork: Due to depart on Friday afternoon at 12pm - left at 12.22pm. The tannoy system in Heuston station is poor and it was not only hard to understand the accent on the man speaking, but also what he was saying.

Train 3, Cork-Cobh: Due to depart on Friday afternoon at 3pm - left at 3.17pm. The funny thing about this, is that at 3.02pm they announced that this train was running late (really???) by about 15mins. A bit shoddy.

So, I am getting the train again this afternoon and will see what happens now.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Anyone want tickets to the rugby quarter final?

So, I have a friend with 4 tickets to the World Cup quarter final in Cardiff.

Does anyone want to buy them? If so, then leave a comment.

I dont think I will comment on the fiasco that was our performances as better writers than me have already done that.