Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A weba wooba woo awards

It's been a while since I blogged. Not out of boredom or anything just that I'm mad busy at work and dont get any real time to blog there. And then after spending so much time concentrating on the computer, pc leisure time doesnt appeal.

But anywho thought I'd say echo the sentiments of everyone else and say well done Mulley on a great night last Saturday at the first Irish Web Awards. They were top notch and as the Moviestar.ie lads said, its the way to run award ceremonies. None of this prawn cocktail shite at other awards.

Its amazing how the little things make a difference. The Moviestar lads wreaking my DVD pyramid for something much more interesting and dangerous, trying to put up the sponsors details on the photo board along with Ryan and the big W's on stage. As well as Damien fecking up the presentation, Brian's t-shirt, being Rickrolled and the cupcakes. Yes, the Fat Bastard Mulley awards will live on.

It was great to meet so many heads again that I must have talked drunk nonsence to at the last Bloscars as people knew me! Feck..

See ye all at the next Blog Awards in 'Cark' and well done again Damien.