Monday, December 25, 2006

Day 7 - Irish Rail - Complete

Day seven of waiting for an answer from Irish Rail is over...linky

Amazing customer service

Merry Christmas

Yes indeed..and thus ends another year.

So I wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas and a very properous and Happy New Year.

To those that get offended by me wishing you a happy occassion that you don't observe, to be honest, I don't give a shite. I celebrate it and those that take my wishes the way they are meant then great. If not, then ignore them....

Have a good one.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Day 2 - Irish Rail - Complete

Day two of waiting for an answer from Irish Rail is over...linky

I Love Comments

I have to say, I do love comments on my blog for 2 reasons.
1) It means someone read my blog
2) Its always good to get feedback.

So, you can imagine my delight when I received a comment from the aptly named 'Anonymous'. It was in reference to my article about Stephen Cohen.. In fact, here are the comments...

"regarding Cohen's comments: c'mon--act like a man and get over it. He, at least was man enough to apologize. And anyway, what kind of alleged "adult" bases his identity on a conglomeration of overpaid idiots who kick a ball around? Grow up and get a life for chrissakes. "

So, I would like to point out a few things.
Firstly, Cohen made the comments, apologized and then made the same comments again and from reliable sources State side, has made the comments on different occasions. Its not just a one off. The thing about the comments that irritated me is that he is not making fun of the team but rather making fun of the loss of human lives. If you cannot understand this 'anonymous' then I am sorry for you.

Secondly your comment "what kind of alleged "adult" bases his identity on a conglomeration of overpaid idiots who kick a ball around?". Please point out where in my piece I state that I base my identity around my team. I identify with them and I will wholeheartedly state that I do love the club and I love being a fan of the club. However, my identity has been built around my upbringing, event that have happened to me, people I have met and situations I have been in. Again, if you cannot understand this or have not been lucky enough to get an identity then I am sorry for you.

Lastly, the statements about "act like a man" and "get a life" and all that I just love the fact that you are all big and making brash statements and then send this anonymously. Your sooooo tough aren't ya???


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Day 1 - Irish Rail - Complete

Day one of waiting for an answer is over...linky

Irish Rail

Here is an email (well, via their on-line 'complaints' system) I sent yesterday to the Customer Service in Irish Rail (as there is no phone number published for them). Will be interesting to see what happens if anything...

"To whom it concerns,
I wish to raise a complaint regarding the behavior of one of your conductors yesterday, Sunday Dec 17th. It was on the Cork-Cobh train. At present there is no timetable or time displayed in Kent Station in Cork so when I arrived at the station yesterday I went in search of the Cobh train. Myself and three other people were at the gate (for the 16:55 train) and the train was still in the station (as there is no clock we couldn't tell what the actual time was). The conductor on the platform had just closed the gate before we arrived and was on his phone. We called and he did not respond and had no waved the train off yet. We shouted again and still no response. Then the train driver opened the window and called us forward.

As we ran to the train the conductor told us we could not get on the train and told the driver to take off. One the others there, at the same time as me, was carrying a TV and did shout at the conductor and did use fowl language - but what do you expect really? The conductor then proceeded to shout at us all in a very threatening and intimidating behavior. He stated that it was "his decision as to who did and did not get on the train". He then said that he would not take that language (which is fair enough) but then stated that we all would be lucky to get on the next train (18:15 - 1hr 20 mins later) as he would be on the platform and would decide who was get on the train. The man with the TV engaged in a debate with him but as we all walked off the conductor continued to follow us and shout at us all stating that we were "cheeky" and reminded us again that he would be on the platform.

I find this type of intimidation disgusting for a service orientated company. I think that just because one man shouted at him he had no right to talk to the rest of us like that. I did say the words "customer service" to him in a very derogatory tone as it fitted the situation perfectly at which time the conductor veered towards me and was raising his voice again in a manner not befitting his public position.

The conductor was asked his name and refused to give it and instead asked the customer for his name.

In the end, due to the fact that we would have to wait almost 1.5 hour's for the next train and the fact that even if we did we may not be allowed to board the train, I had to get call for a lift and the others had to get taxis. All extra unnecessary expense.

I trust that this matter will be dealt with but no doubts the conductor will have a different story.


I think I will count the days it takes them to respond if ever. I might, after consultation with my lawyer Damien , instead every week email someone different about this. Minister for Transport, local TD's or other politicians.

I did get the bog standard auto-response from their system:

"Thank you for contacting Iarnrod Eireann.
Your email will be forwarded to the individual best suited to answeryour query."

PC brigade out in force again

This is something that I read yesterday which I find incredibly stupid. Arsenal Football Club have banned country flags of any nature even those English flags with "Arsenal" on them. Have bad is this? Imagine an English club, based in the capital not allowing their fans to display their own countries flag? Imagine if other clubs also enforced this. Imagine no Spanish flags on the Kop at Anfield in support of Rafa? Imagine if this was a few years ago and no Irish flags with "Keano's" mug on it at Old Trafford? Imagine no Tri-color at Parkhead? Stupid really...

Apparently the reason is that some Cypriot fans were outraged at a Cypriot-Turkish flag that was seen at Arsenal and complained. So they had to do a full sweep and ban all national flags.

Jesus...what is the world coming too??? Sometimes I wish some people would get a life and if they wanted to fight for something go and help some decent world causes like hunger and war and not about national flags being displayed in football stadiums.

Monday, December 18, 2006


Ron Patrick's Jet powered car.

Skanger me banger

Father Ted...Dougal remembers Sister Assumpta

Alternative Father Ted theme tune

Friday, December 15, 2006

Stupid Pricks

Right, I have to say we must have the stupidest, thickest, most idiotic government in the world. People must look at us and laugh their tits off.

In the latest piece of amazing non-brain usage, the Government have succeeded in making BUPA leave Ireland. This means more job loses and more people going to the Government plaything called VHI.

For those that don't know a ruling recently said that BUPA must pay (I think) €160m to VHI as VHI has "older" people. Equalization its called I think. What actaully has happened is that BUPA offered better deals to people, with better policies and a lot less hassle...AND !!! Nice people to answer the phone (rather than the Civil Service gobshites with no personalities who are irritated when they have to answer your calls as they are in the middle of telling Sally what Mary was up to on Saturday night with Tony ("Oh my God, wait till I tell ya.."). What, in my opinion, is happening is as follows:

- All the Government have shares in VHI
- If they close the other companies that will leave only VHI
- Premiums can be spiked up and thus they make money on it.

Well fuckin done you imbeciles. You done this first with the toll bridge on the M50 and made a mint and now this....sweet jesus. And people are leaving poverty to have you fuckers leading us?

Have a look at the latest shite.

Anyway, any country that can have Mary Harney as the minister for health is having a laugh. She is probably the worst roll model for health that could be found. I met her once. Met not really being the right word. At home in Donegal there is a literary festival every year and they try to get some face to open it. In 1993 it was Harney. She was unfriendly, didn't talk to anyone but those in her immediate vicinity, no tip (the change was around £1.20 from a round of 10-odd drinks) and didn't even say thanks. In fact to order she made this hand gesture to show the table and didn't say please or thanks. I made the decision there and then never to vote for anything she was associated with.

Fuck them all...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

21 things to think about...

ONE. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.
TWO. Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational skills will be as important as any other.
THREE. Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or sleep all you want.
FOUR. When you say, "I love you," mean it.
FIVE. When you say, "I'm sorry," look the person in the eye.
SIX. Be engaged at least six months before you get married.
SEVEN. Believe in love at first sight.
EIGHT. Never laugh at anyone's dream. People who don't have dreams don't have much.
NINE. Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but it's the only way to live life completely.
TEN.. In disagreements, fight fairly. No name calling.
ELEVEN. Don't judge people by their relatives.
TWELVE. Talk slowly but think quickly.
THIRTEEN. When someone asks you a question you don't want to answer, smile and ask, "Why do you want to know?"
FOURTEEN. Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk.
FIFTEEN. Say "bless you" when you hear someone sneeze.
SIXTEEN. When you lose, don't lose the lesson
SEVENTEEN. Remember the three R's: Respect for self; Respect for others; and responsibility for all your actions.
EIGHTEEN. Don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship.
NINETEEN. When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.
TWENTY. Smile when picking up the phone. The caller will hear it in your voice.
TWENTY-ONE. Spend some time alone.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Stephen Cohen - Fox Sports - Wanker

As those of you reading this blog will probably have guessed I am a Liverpool fan and very proud of it. I am proud of our history, our heritage and, on the whole, the way our fans conduct themselves. I see Liverpool fans as very knowledgeable (but there are always those who know nothing) and most players will admit the same. Where else would you find:

1) Home fans staying behind to applaud the other team that has just won the league at their expense (Liv v Arsenal, 1989)
2) Home fans staying behind to applaud the other team that has just battered the home team (Liv v Barcelona, 2001)

That's just 2 examples. I also love the humor and wit that are associated with Liverpool fans. They are one of the very few crowds left in the UK that come up with original and new songs for their players and manager.

However, like most Liverpool fans I am disappointed about one aspect of our history - Heysel. Like most football fans I think what happened there was a disaster. It was terrible. Any loss of life at any stage is terrible but to happen at a sport is really not forgivable. I can understand Juventus fans not forgiving us for what happened and I can only thank the backroom team at Liverpool for trying their best to make it up. This will not be 100% possible as life's cannot be reimbursed.
I also thank those on the Juventus side who are trying to build bridges. I know of one such man whose son died at Heysel. He has worked with Liverpool and there have been numerous matches, mainly at an underage level, between the two teams and also the town where he is from to attempt to build bridges. I also would like to think the gesture made before the Champions League match in 2005 would be taken in the correct manner and on the whole it was. As I said, I don't expect everyone to forgive but if nothing else hopefully it will ensure that a disaster as such will never happen again. And it shouldn't. Stadiums are better, facilities are better and fans are better behaved.

Heysel was an old stadium, crumbling, ready for demolition but if the fans had not charged nothing may have happened. We will never know.

Now you are probably wondering why I said that. Firstly, I think I needed to. Secondly because of the name in the subject of this blog. For those who do not know (and I did not know his name until recently) Stephen Cohen is a co-presenter of a Football show on Fox TV in the US. He is a knob cheese. A bell-end. A bollox. And not because he is a Chelsea fan. Mr. Cohen, on his show, on TV made the most ridiculous statements ever. He allegedly accused (I do not have the full comments so hence the 'a' word) Liverpool fans of “directly causing the worst two disasters in English football history”. He also stated that Liverpool should have 96 coffins above their badge instead of 5 stars (1 for each European Cup) reference to the 96 people that died at Hillsborough in 1989. And then proceeded to laugh after that comment. Sick bastard.

The guy is a wanker and tosser of the highest order in my opinion. I hope that Fox sack him like they threaten to do. Please, please, please send your comments to either or on this bollox or else complete the petition to get rid of him.

The main reason he says he made the comments was that he was sick of Liverpool fans ramming our success down his throat. What? Thats the reason? Jesus....if that's all it takes. He either needs a bigger backbone (probably a lack of one is why he left the army - soap, shower??) or lock himself away so he can never hear the comments again. I like the second option.

Borat in Court

Following on from my post some time ago I read last Friday that comic Sasha Baron Cohen was in court last week. The two frat students are suing the producers of the Borat movie after claiming that they were allegedly duped into signing the disclaimer after drinking and being informed that the movie would not be shown in the states.

However, Im glad to see that the third student has a bit of cop on.

More info here.

Also the town of Glod has got the money together to sue.
Watch a movie clip of the people in Glod and what they would do to Borat.

Personally, I think they are all stupid and should just take the movie for what it is...exceedingly funny and shows people's true opinions. And if you haven't seen it yet GO !

Monday, December 11, 2006

Some stuff

Blade actor Wesley Snipes pleads not guilty to tax fraud.

This is hillarous. Would hate to be an Indian man right now.

Ok. Why is the appeal now? Surely this should have been done ages ago. Everyone has known for years about the Lansdowne Road re-development. If we work of the assumption that the appeal is successful then what happens? A lot of these people annoy me. If it was decided to close Lansdowne an relocate the stadium, all the locals would be giving out as would f***ing Bord Pleanála due to "loss of revenue" to the locals and taking away their heritage or some shite like that. The stadium needs to be redone. Its a disgrace as a national stadium.

Donegal...its different up there

I strongly suggest that everyone should go to Donegal at least once. It is the loveliest place in the world with the loveliest girls and loveliest lovely things...see for yourself

Donegal Direct
County Homepage
Ireland's Northwest
Donegal Tourist
Go Ireland Donegal Webpage

Top Catchphrases

I heard on the radio last week of a Top catch-phrase list compiled in the US. Top of the pile was Homer Simpson's "D'oh". Here is TV Lands top 100. Lots of this list wont be known by readers this side of the Atlantic but still worth a look.

I would be very interested to hear your Top 10. Send them on and I will compile a list.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Just some Friday mumblinging's

This I read on Damien's blog and is one of the most disturbing stories I have ever read. Please do not read if offended by stories of a graphic nature. Surely there is more that we in a so called "civilized" society can do to help.

In a new Garda report it states that 37% of road deaths can be attributed to alcohol. While it is admirable that they decided to do a report on this what will this lead to? Only one thing in my opinion - the same as usual. They will focus on drink driving. More breath tests, most stopping...most of this during the late evening/night time. What about the 63% of deaths where alcohol may not have been a factor? What happened there? Poor driving is more of a cause than they care to admit. They badly need to do something about the state of some of the driving such as:

- Teaching people the difference between a fast and a slow lane...regardless if you are on a dual carriageway or not
- When to overtake.
- When to use the hard shoulder to let people overtake if you are under the speed limit
- Why its not good to use the hard shoulder to cut corners and then to pull out as a car is overtaking you
- Why its not good to wait and then when a car is close to you pull out in front of them...yes, that's you '05 RN 2332'...f**ker last Sunday in Roscommon.

OK. Just some links now:

Did you ever wonder what happened some of the cast of The A-Team? Find out what happened with Amy Allen (Melinda Culea). The reporter friend of the team in the first 2 series.

Remember Airwolf? No? You will when you see and hear the opening tune.

What about Streethawk?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Songs to keep and learn - No.7

I suppose I better put on my song for this week. This is a fairly recent addition to the Liverpool collection. It has only come into being in the last few years but is a regular song from the stands. It is sung to the tune of "The Fields of Athenry". There is a difference between the one below and what is sung. The below song is the original but we now sing about having Gerrard on the wing as opposed to Heighway.

The Fields of Anfield Road

Outside the Shankly Gates
I heard a Kopite calling :
Shankly they have taken you away
But you left a great eleven
Before you went to heaven
Now it's glory round the Fields of Anfield Road.

All round the Fields of Anfield Road
Where once we watched the King Kenny play (and he could play)
We had Heighway on the wing
We had dreams and songs to sing
Of the glory round the Fields of Anfield Road

Outside the Paisley Gates
I heard a Kopite calling
Paisley they have taken you away..
You led the great 11
Back in Rome in 77
And the redmen they are still playing the same way

All round the Fields of Anfield Road
Where once we watched the King Kenny play (and he could play)
We had Heighway on the wing
We had dreams and songs to sing
Of the glory round the Fields of Anfield Road.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Im not one for bad language but... this case I feel the need to say:

Bord Gais are cunts --> Clicky

CIE are cunts --> Clicky

ESB are cunts --> Clicky

Just some links

Just thought I would post some links today:

World's stupidest burgler

Which celebrity do you look like? Upload your picture and check it out (in one pic I am 60% like the Hoff)

RTE's Road Safety site and watch Jim McDaid talking about his drunk driving.

...and to say how f**kin stoopid are CIE in trying to raise their prices? If they are trying to make use their services less then they are doing a damn fine job of it.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Borat being sued

I'm sure at this stage most of you will have heard this, but Borat is being sued by people from his own movie (which is class and you must go and see...).

First 2 of the frat students from the movie are suing stating that allegedly he got them drunk and tricked them into saying things. Also, apparently they were advised that the movie would not be shown in the US and A.

Also the village that he used in the movie as his own is complaining that they were tricked into it.

Finally the movie may not be released in Russia due to "issues".

F**king Kids

OK, before I start I will say that I am one of those that has benefited from the Celtic Tiger. I was there back at the start of the boom and I am glad to say that it happened.....most of the time.

However, if there is one thing that I do not like that has changed in this country since the beast arrived is that parents are taking less and less responsibility for their children. Kids, in the main, now a days (its sounds old, doesn't it?) have absolutely no manners at all from what I can see. Most parents seem to leave the task of raising their child with the teachers, football trainers or whatever activity that they send their child too. With most parents working two jobs to keep up the "Jones's" life they seem to spend little time with their kids teaching them manners and the basics of life.

I had the lovely experience last night of having two nine or ten year olds have a go at me in my local shop. While waiting at the cash machine on the way to pay football they decided to have a go at me. I was wearing a Liverpool jersey and so nowadays that's a signal for any child to start having a go at anyone.

"Jesus, he's gay"
"Yeh, a fuckin gay...Liverpool are shit and were fuckin' mauled"
"Hey, gay, Liverpool are shit"

I ignored, didn't look in their direction. The girl at the cash register was also looking to see if there was a reaction but nothing. She was uneasy with this.

Now the few things that I have issue with here are:

1) Why are 10 year olds out at 8.30pm alone - to me that is highly irresponsible from the parents
2) Where are the manners? Growing up I was taught to respect adults, to talk when spoken to and most of all swearing was a total no-no
3) They were buying ice-creams..what sort of parents let their kids eat the rubbish late at night. Its not wonder obesity is on the rise in this country.

All I can say is that those young ones need to be careful. In my eyes if kids want to act all adult and try to be one, they they will suffer like one. One day someone wont ignore them and give them a good hiding - what they deserve and obviously there is nothing coming from the parents. It could have easily been me last night as once they were out of the shop and around the corner, no-one would have seen a thing.

But when are parents going to act like parents? Just because you buy everything for your child, pay for a good education and give them more pocket money that is really needed, doesn't mean you have raised your child well. There are too many smart alec kids out there who will learn the hard way about how to talk and deal with people and also about respecting people.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Anthem and stuff

Learn the Kazakhstan National Anthem...according to Borat

Speech to the Kazakstan Embassy

Go see the moviefilm or Borat be execute

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Songs to keep and learn - No.6

This song is one of my personal favourites I have to say. I saw this on the back of "The Kop" fanzine before Liverpool's Champions League match with Chavski last season. I'm not sure if it was sung yet at the away matches but would love to know if it was.

Its about Fat Frank who allegedly plays for Chavski.

"Malcolm's Millions or Romans Roubles?
No thanks
5 Euro's Rafa por favor"

One man went to lift,
Went to lift Fat Lampard
One man couldn't lift
Couldn't lift Fat Lampard

Two men went to lift,
Went to lift Fat Lampard
Two men couldn't lift
Couldn't lift Fat Lampard

Three men went to lift,
Went to lift Fat Lampard
Three men couldn't lift
Couldn't lift Fat Lampard

Four men went to lift,
Went to lift Fat Lampard
Four men couldn't lift
Couldn't lift Fat Lampard

Five men went to lift,
Went to lift Fat Lampard
Five men couldn't lift
Couldn't lift Fat Lampard

Six men went to lift,
Went to lift Fat Lampard
Six men couldn't lift
Couldn't lift Fat Lampard

Seven men went to lift,
Went to lift Fat Lampard
Seven men couldn't lift
Couldn't lift Fat Lampard

Eight men went to lift,
Went to lift Fat Lampard
Eight men couldn't lift
Couldn't lift Fat Lampard

Nine men went to lift,
Went to lift Fat Lampard
Nine men couldn't lift
Couldn't lift Fat Lampard

Ten men went to lift,
Went to lift Fat Lampard
Ten men couldn't lift
Couldn't lift Fat Lampard

Ten men, nine men, eight men, seven men, six men,
five men, four men, three men, two men, one man
Couldn't lift Fat Lampard.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Road Safety - Its everyones responsibility

I found a link to this website Cllr Damien Blake from Damien Mulley's blog. I missed the original "Stop this Carnage Week" but felt the need to air my views. This is also an area for which I believe that lots can be done and not just from the government side. Everyone these days seems to be saying that its all drink driving and speed that kills. Something that I was told on my first driving lesson was, and still is, very relevant and I think about it most times I drive.

That is: "Speed doesn't kill - stupidity kills"

If you think about it it makes lots of sense. The clamp down on drink driving is very welcome, don't get me wrong, as is the speeding but often judgment is clouded as to the actual offence. I had a prime example of this last night. As I was heading for the Passage-Cobh ferry a car in front suddenly braked, then started again and then braked and took an immediate right turn - and not an indicator in sight. Luckily I had enough space as to avoid any issue but if something had happened it would have been marked down as a speed issue whereas the person in front just didn't drive properly...and more and more people seem to not use indicators - almost like they have an allergic reaction to them.

I'm not saying I'm a perfect driver by any means but I do believe that if you show respect to others then surely things will improve. I also think that young drivers get a raw deal. While there are far too many deaths of young people lots still drive safely. Probably the real reason for so many young fatalities is that they feel they have nothing to protect - a sort of "I'm young and will enjoy life" attitude. I now have a wife and a lovely life and always want to ensure that I get home to enjoy it. Maybe they don't have anyone or anything to be responsible for and therefore take more risks - its a fact of life that you take more risks when you are young. I take care driving but I cant ensure that some idiot may cause me not to come home some day. I think we need to get down to the bottom of the real reason for deaths. and not just catagorise into speed and drink.

For example, assume the following:
Your driving along and the car in front is driving right on the white line at 70km/ph in a 100km zone.
They are not moving in to let you pass and seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that anything is behind them.
You move to overtake at an overtaking area after being behind them for miles and you deem it to be safe and stay at 100km/ph.
From no-where a car on the other side of the road hits you.

What is the cause? Probably it would be marked down as speeding but if you are doing 100km how could it be? Was the car in front of you driving safely? For me, no. Driving well under the speed limit is also asking for trouble especially if you do not offer a chance to overtake. People should be taught that if there is a hard shoulder they should use it to let others overtake if they are not driving at an acceptable speed (just not on a motorway of course). For me in a 100km zone anything less than 80km could be considered dangerous unless the vehicle is not able to proceed at said speeds (i.e tractors, scooters, loaded-trucks, etc..)

I feel that driver education is severely lacking in this country. Take those people who got licenses back in the 70's (?) without ever sitting a test due to a backlog. How many are safe on the roads now? How many people are driving on our roads without ever sitting a test? I'm not saying that they are all bad drivers but we must ensure that everyone on our roads is at a certain level and that we are all aware of the proper way to drive.

Off course not everything is driver related. Others must take responsibility. Cyclists and motorcyclists, I feel, should be mandated to wear bright clothing at all times. Pedestrians should be mandated the same during certain times of day/night (for example, once the clocks change in October high visibility bands should be worn between 5pm and 8am until the clocks change again in March once you are not in a lit up area). Also pedestrians should be made take more responsbility. Often you can be driving along, heading through a green traffic light and someone will walk in front of you. If you kill them everyone thinks its speeding and you are made feel its your fault.
Are rules of the road taught in schools anymore? I think parents leave far too much responsibility on teachers for this. I walked to Primary school when I was young and we were taught good road manners and the rules of the road. With kids now nearly always driven to school on the days they do walk mostly they dont have an idea...

Overall I think that we all should do more and also take responsibility for our actions. Finally I would just like to add some of my ideas to Cllr Blake's suggestions on things he would like to see:

- Driver re-education. We have introduced over the last number of years roads with slow/fast lanes, dual-carriageways and motorways but never educated those for whom these were not around when they first passed their test. Some people do not know how to operate on these roads. I also feel that workshops should be held and all drivers must attend every 4 years on the anniversary of their test (or as close as possible) to go over good road etiquette and other items introduced into our network.

- Driver education - teaching someone to drive is one thing, but teaching them to be good driver is another. I had to take a car at 50km/ph around a few roads, with 2 roundabouts, a few left and right turns, parallel park and a corner turn. That's a load of rubbish. That means I can drive safely in a 50km/ph and then I can go 120km/ph on a motorway with no trouble?? We need to teach people properly. Add into the curriculum night driving, motor-way or dual-carriageway driving, town driving, country driving as well as how to deal with cyclists, pedestrians, roundabouts, traffic lights and also road etiquette (when to let people past, the necessity of using indicators and lights as well as using hazards).

- I agree with the the ban comments. However, I think we need to be careful on the punishments. Someone caught doing 140km in a 80km zone clearly is a danger but what about 55km in a 50km zone? I think that for certain issues we need to have mandatory punishments with penalties and points and no court appearance. However the local councils need to whipped into shape to ensure roads are properly marked with the correct speed limits and also enough warning of the imminent reduction in speeds.

- All drivers on our roads should be made abide by our road rules. I think that with the open European Market and the fact that we can all hop in our cars and head anywhere in Europe we all should be driving the same...and all abide by the rules. If I am caught speeding in Spain then I should be reported to the Irish Gardai and penalized - end of story. If I am from a country outside of the EU and caught speeding in Ireland then I should have the same penalty as an Irish person. Maybe the EU should get together and formulate a standard driving test applicable across all its member states and agreed by all. Any countries then wanting to join would need to implement the scheme within 2 years of joining and also have all drivers in their country resit the test.

- We need more advertisements on TV for driving. I remember growing up and the ad for roundabouts was how I learned to negotiate them. If we put eduacational ads it might just get 5% of people to drive/cycle/walk better and that could reduce deaths.

- Learning to drive needs to stop being about making money and more about driving. In Ireland its nothing other than a money making scheme at the moment. Also, how often are Driving Instructors tested to ensure that they are still capable of teaching?

Please review these links as some of the items listed do not make pleasant reading:
Map Of Road Deaths
Road Safety Blog

Songs to keep and learn - No.5

Song 5 is originally from the 1960's but was updated in the 80's to include Ian Rush's demolition of our blue neighbours.

The song is about a Liverpudlian who, like lots of others, went to fight for their country (the Spion Kop stand at Anfield is named after a mountain in South Africa where many Liverpudlians died). So, here is Poor Scouser Tommy....

I'll tell you a story of a poor boy
Who was sent far away from his home
To fight for his king and his country
And also the old folks back home
So they put him in the Highland division
Sent him off to a far foreign land
Where the flies swarm around in their thousands
And there's nothing to see but the sand
Well the battle started next morning
Under the Arabian sun
I remember the poor Scouser Tommy
Who was shot by an old Nazi gun
As he lay on the battle field dying (dying dying)
With the blood rushing out of his head (of his head)
As he lay on the battle field dying (dying dying)
These were the last words he said...

Oh... I am a Liverpudlian
I come from the Spion Kop
I like to sing, I like to shoutI go there quite a lot (every week)
We are the team who plays in red
A team that we all know
A team that we call Liverpool
And to glory we will go

We've won the League
We've won the Cup
We've been to Europe too
We played the Toffees for a laugh
And we left them feeling blue

Five Nil !
One two
One two three
One two three four
Five nil !

Rush scored one
Rush scored two
Rush scored three
And Rush scored four
!Na na na na na na na na na!

Songs to keep and learn - No.4

Ok, ok..some i'm a few weeks behind so there will be three songs this week.

If you have any requests feel free to let me know.

And so we are onto song number 4. This is a very common one sung at the matches these days regardless if Stevie G is playing or not. Its fairly obvious what its about so sing along...

(to the tune of Que Sera Sera)
Ste Gerrard, Gerrard
Can pass the ball 40 years
He's big and hes fuckin hard
Ste Gerrard, Gerrard

Ste Gerrard, Gerrard
Can pass the ball 40 years
He's better than Fat Frank Lampard
Ste Gerrard, Gerrard

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How was the holiday?

..Did you hear that Damien went on holiday with Steve and TJ?

..Orla, where is the printer?

..How was the holiday?

..Did you see the match last night?

Songs to keep and learn - No.3

So..this weeks song is a nice little ditty that is well catchy. Not much explaining either its just about the boss and Spanish contingent.

Sing to yer hearts content to the tune of "La Bamba"

Ra-fa Benitez
Ra-fa Benitez
Ra-ra-ra-rafa benitez
Ra-ra-ra-rafa benitez
Xabi Alonoso, Garcia and Reina
Ra-fa Benitez

On another football related topic, the much anticipated annoucement of the "100 Players Who Shook The Kop" number 1 was announced with King Kenny pipping Stevie G for the title. It is overall a good idea.

Now..who thinks Ireland have a hope tonight?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Favourite toilets

I thought that my initial post about public toilets would create a fervor of the sort never seen before in Ireland. I thought that I would be inundated with pictures and descriptions of toilets that hopefully I would never have to use. Unfortunately, this never happened. But still, never one to put a dampener on things, I thought this this idea would warrant its on blog. So, low and behold, here is "Rate This Toilet".

If you have a look you can see the grading scheme's for toilets. Please do send on your pictures and comments on toilets you have encountered and the ultimate aim is to get so big and widespread that it may shame these people into doing something about their jack's.

Go and have a look....

Monday, October 02, 2006

For one week only...extra song !

I had a special request (honestly, this was not from Gerry) for a song to be added to the "Songs to keep and learn" collection and following a high profile meeting with all leading members of this blog, it was decided that the proposal was viable. Even though the collection is for Liverpool songs only we felt that this one deserved to be published on account of its significance. So here goes...

For any of ye who know Cork City, ye will no doubt be aware of Fairhill (or Fairyhill as some residents have come to call it). One of those residents is Orla "Id snog anyone for a bet" Barrett. This lovely girl (careful Ted) entertained the troops in Little Island for some time before moving to pastures new. While shes a bit odd (isnt she TJ?) shes a fine catch and congrats on her impending wedding. So, here is a song for Orla.

The Boys of Fairhill

The smell on Patrick's Bridge is wick- ed.
How does Fa - ther Mat - thew stick it?
Here's up them all says the boys of Fair - hill.

Come boys, spend a day with our Harrier Club so gay:
The cry of the hounds it will make your heart thrill.
And, when you hear Conan Doyle say:
"The Amoured Car has won today,"
Here's up 'em all say the boys of Fair Hill.

First you go to Fahy's well for a drink of pure clean water,
The finest spot on earth sure the angels do say,
Where thousands came across the foam,
just to view the Blarney Stone.
Which can be seen from the groves of Fair Hill.

First you go to Quinlan's pub - that is where you join our club,
Where around us in gallons the porter does flow,
First they tap a half-a-tierce and drink a health to
Dashwood's race;
That's the stuff to give 'em say the boys of Fair Hill.

Come boys and spend a day with our Hurling Club so gay
The clash of the ash it will make your heart thrill;
The Rockies thought that they were stars, till they meet the Saint Finbarr's,
Here's up 'em all say the boys of Fair Hill.

Single line verses:
If you want to join our Club just go down to......... pub.

Paddy Barry hooked the ball - we hooked Paddy, ball and all.

Cathy Barry sells drisheens, pints of Murphy and pigs crubeens.

Cathy Barry sells drisheens, fairly bursting at the seams.

Shandon Steeple stands up straight and the River Lee flows underneath

The Blarney hens don't lay at all and when they lays they lays 'em small.

The smell from the river is something wicked, how do FatherMatthew stick it?

The Blackpool girls are very small up against the sunbeam wall.

The Montenotte girls are very rude; they go swimming in the nude.

In Blackrock there is no law - the next Lord Mayor is Andy Gaw.

Christy Ring he pucks the ball - we puck Christy, ball and all.

Songs to keep and learn - No.2

Following on from its successful debut (I am comparing this to the Brian Kennedy show on RTE1 which shows anything is successful compared to that drivel) here is part 2 of the "Songs to learn and keep" collection.

This weeks song is a common one around Anfield for the last few years and features a hero of the past and the current cult hero. Its based on the Irish song "Fields of Athenry".

Fields of Anfield Road
Low, lie, the fields of Anfield Road,
Where once we watched King Kenny play - and could he play !
Ste Gerrard was on the wing,
We had dreams and songs to sing,
Its so lovely, round the fields of Anfield Road.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Songs to keep and learn - No.1

After talking up the songs earlier, maybe its best that I post some so that you can all learn then as well. I will post one each week so that you can get an idea of what is being sung on world famous Kop.

Firstly, the Liverpool anthem made famous by Gerry and the Pacemakers in the 1960's and also covered by Elvis, Judi Garland and Nina Simone. This was originally from the Carousel musical by Rogers and Hammerstein.

You'll never walk alone.

When you walk, through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark.

At the end of the storm,
There's a golden sky
And the sweet, silver song of the lark

Walk on through the wind
Walk on through the rain,
Tho' your dreams be tossed and blown

Walk on, Walk on, With hope in your hearts,
And You'll Never Walk..Alone
You'll never Walk Alone

Walk on, Walk on, With hope in your hearts,
And You'll Never Walk..Alone
You'll never Walk Alone

Things I learned..

Just back from a Liverpool trip (to my first Champions League match and my first time on the Kop). Anywho, just some things that I learned on my trip:

1. Liverpool are weak on the left side when Garcia plays ahead of an attack-minded full back.
2. Liverpool girls are lovely. They love to wear low cut jeans and vest tops...which is nice.
3. The Kop is even better than I imagined
4. Even when you leave Ireland for a period of time, the politicians and still not doing their job when you return and instead are still just talking shite about each other rather than trying to make Ireland a better place to live.
5. Toilets in Liverpool airport are rank and smell.
6. In Ireland we are being screwed for food and drink (pubs in Liverpool offering 2 meals for £7)
7. Some edjits know nothing about football. Some are so negative its embarrassing to be even remotely associated with them and you have to wonder how they get tickets.
8. I don't know enough Liverpool songs (well, the longer ones anyway)
9. Every city has "how'yas" and they all love: City Centres, smoking, babies and gobbing off to bus/train people and threatening to have them beaten up by their brothers/fathers
10. In Athens we will win it 6 times...

Monday, September 18, 2006

Thunderbolt Kid

"The life and times of the Thunderbolt Kid" by Bill Bryson. One of the best and funniest books I have read in a long time. I'm a big fan of our Bill and for anyone that has read his "Down Under" book or "A Walk in the woods", this book is along the same lines. Its one of those that books that you need to be careful where you are as you will laugh out loud at parts. Its essentially Bill telling about what he got up to in his early life and teens and also what was happening in the US at the same time.

On relation to my rant on public toilets, I am very pleased to announce that the toilets in the new terminal in Cork Airport are excellent. I was in them on Sunday morning and they are very clean and don't at all smell of wee like most Irish toilets. Well done Cork airport and keep up the good work !

Have you ever sat beside someone on a plane and think that they are dead? It happened me at the weekend there. On the flight back from Dubai this lady sits beside me. She never moved for the whole 7 hour flight - except for her arms. At once stage, after I'd been asleep for a few hours I awoke to see her in the exact same position as when I went to sleep. I had to watch her for a minute as I though she may have been dead but there was breath (I said breath) there. That cant be good for ya.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dubai anyone?

Well I'm over here for the week (actually today, Thursday, is their Friday, and so I'm finished work) for work and have to say - not sure if I could live here. Don't get me wrong its a nice city, on a lovely beach with warm water in the sea but there are few things not quite right.

Firstly, the humidity. You cant go outside. In September. During the day. Without sun factor Irish on you. And at night its boiling. A 10 minute stroll has you in more sweat than Gary when he realizes that the company own the trolley and its not his to sell on e-Bay (check out the pimped trolley here. And make sure and look at the questions.)

About 20 litres of water a day suffices. Still, it is nice to have that and experience it but it takes some getting used to.

To be honest, there's not a lot to Dubai. If you are not into shopping then you are a bit fecked. The place is riddled with shopping centers. Hundreds of them and most of them are the size of Cork City. Huge things altogether. Prices are fairly equivalent to Ireland so no point in doing much shopping.

Finally, there is the traffic. Oh my sweet Jesus. I have never seen anything like it. Indicators do not exist. Its a survival of the largest vehicle (which is most of them - all jeeps and top range motors here) and a free for all. They don't seem to know what lanes are!

Still, its impressive what they have done here. Worlds largest indoor ski slope and the malls - again I repeat...HUGE THINGS !! The structures are impressive and the people, for the most part, friendly and will defo come back to have a decent look....but probably in Winter.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hell hath no fury.. Twink scorned (allegedly). For those that don't know an apparent recording of Twink giving loads to her ex is doing the rounds. Quite amusing it has to be said and has spawned many new phrases, t-shirts and ringtones.

Not much else to report since my last post ages ago. Will be heading to Dubai for work this coming weekend..which is nice. And for Damien ( this is my first time there and no I haven't been there before so stop telling people I have.

Been busy out over the last few weeks. My wife is opening a new coffee shop in Cobh, Co. Cork and so been double jobbing helping out getting it ready. Should be good. For anyone interested there will be a website soon - - but I just haven't had time to get it up and running.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Death and Taxes - I'd prefer death

Did you ever notice that everyone has a story about calling the Tax office? I had the unfortunate need to call them last week and all I can say is thank god I am not waiting on them. The, ahem, lovely automatic voice states that you will have to wait 9-10 weeks for your request to be processed.....let me repeat that - 9-10 weeks !! Not hours, not days, weeks. That is just outrageous and just shows the sort of rubbish that is running this country.

Something that I was discussing with the wife the other day is that you never see or hear a politician stating that they will help the Civil Service when they get to office. This is one of the most disgracefully run parts of our country. For those not living in Ireland allow me to elaborate. If you work in the Civil Service it’s a job for life. If you are unable to do your job (as in your crap at it) you don’t get fired. You get moved to another department where you can do less damage. It’s virtually impossible to get fired from the Civil Service. And the pay is amazing compared to normal people.

But back to my complaint. Well, let’s see. I was transferring some of my wife’s tax credits over to me but wait - no - its cant be, well yes. They actually got our tax numbers mixed up so that my tax limit was smaller than my previous one and so I got shafted in tax payments this month. But when I called there was a rather abrupt woman who insisted it was my fault. And I had to agree with her otherwise she wouldn’t help (this they are noted for anyways) and then I would have crap tax to pay for the next 2 months (I would be at the end of the 9-10 week wait). Seriously, how can you run a business and tell your customers that they have to wait 10 weeks to get an can they call themselves a "service" when that is the one thing they don’t provide.

Ah...rant over. I’m sure others have the same situation.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Uncle Stephen

Well all...its been a tough few weeks for me not knowing when she was going to pop but pop she did - yesterday morning at 8.20am. Yup, just like busses. You wait years to be an uncle, gently coaxing on my sisters and brothers-in-law to spawn and then 2 in 8 months. It’s great!

So little Gabriel was born yesterday in Ibiza to join little Clíona in Dingle as being part of the special family...they are related to me.

No other news so I will leave ye alone.

(Oh, for those wondering, I have no idea of size, weight, hair colour or anything like that yet.)

Monday, June 19, 2006

Anyone ever seen a nice public jacks?

Well? Have you? Hailing from Donegal and living in Cork you can imagine the need for extraditing certain things while doing a 14 hour round trip back home. Most are disgusting, fowl, smelly and some are basically a hole in the ground. I urge you, send you pictures on and we will publish here.

How can we expect to have tourists if they can’t even crap in a bit of comfort? Right, now to get a digital camera and get this show on the road.


"Urrrggghhh" - Yes, that's the sound most of us make on Monday morning's after a weekend of drinking. Friday was some session at a 40th birthday party in Newbridge. Great night had by all with yours truly having to dress up for the occassion as requested by the organiser. At this moment in time I wont divulge what I was dressed as....I will leave that to your imagination (which is probably the best place for it).

The one weird thing about the party was, I realised how feckin old I feel now ! See, if you can go to a 40th and converse with the friends of the person whose birthday it is then you must be close to that age. Remember being 20 and heading to something like that? You'd sit in a corner with the people of your age and just drink away but now, now you can talk with them - about things that interest them ! Feck it. Need to get some friends who are 20.

So back to uurrggghhh. As I was saying, its a strange word. Its pronouced as follows:

- Drink lots
- Lack in sleep
- Eat rubbish
- Wake up on Monday for work and the first noise you make is "urrrggghhh".

Also lost money on the World Cup this weekend. Was doing so well last week but lost all the profit over the weekend. Just throwing a few quid on each match to predict the outcome so nothing bank-breaking.

Still, hopefully feel a bit better tomorrow or else its "uuurrrggghhh" mark-2

Friday, June 09, 2006

Old friends

Strange this, but ever notice that when you go out for a "team night out" you rarely (if ever) talk about the people who are out that night. Its always those not there or those people who used to work in the company.

We had such a night on Wednesday and many names were mentioned and got me to thinking about the people that have passed through here. 'The Count' from Monaghan, Orla (with Tommy T) and Lorraine and of course the legends that are Billy and Liber.

Also, the stories that appear are always the same and are always funny. The PHD story and also the 'we need more sheeps' one....ahhh. Legendary. Probably will tell the stories fully here at a later stage but only when I am outside the realm of suing.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Back again

What can I say. After God knows how long I decided to write something here again. May as well as I have the space.

Suppose it was talking to Damien (thats Mulley btw) that made me remember this. Strange things these blogs and who reads them. Yer man there was going to be sued for a comment he made in his but it didnt happen. Makes you think you have to be careful. Still, cant stop free speech.

Only 2 days till the World Cup now and the canteen is done up nice. Should be a good tournament but who knows who will win. There are always some weird results but maybe not this time.