Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Stephen Cohen - Fox Sports - Wanker

As those of you reading this blog will probably have guessed I am a Liverpool fan and very proud of it. I am proud of our history, our heritage and, on the whole, the way our fans conduct themselves. I see Liverpool fans as very knowledgeable (but there are always those who know nothing) and most players will admit the same. Where else would you find:

1) Home fans staying behind to applaud the other team that has just won the league at their expense (Liv v Arsenal, 1989)
2) Home fans staying behind to applaud the other team that has just battered the home team (Liv v Barcelona, 2001)

That's just 2 examples. I also love the humor and wit that are associated with Liverpool fans. They are one of the very few crowds left in the UK that come up with original and new songs for their players and manager.

However, like most Liverpool fans I am disappointed about one aspect of our history - Heysel. Like most football fans I think what happened there was a disaster. It was terrible. Any loss of life at any stage is terrible but to happen at a sport is really not forgivable. I can understand Juventus fans not forgiving us for what happened and I can only thank the backroom team at Liverpool for trying their best to make it up. This will not be 100% possible as life's cannot be reimbursed.
I also thank those on the Juventus side who are trying to build bridges. I know of one such man whose son died at Heysel. He has worked with Liverpool and there have been numerous matches, mainly at an underage level, between the two teams and also the town where he is from to attempt to build bridges. I also would like to think the gesture made before the Champions League match in 2005 would be taken in the correct manner and on the whole it was. As I said, I don't expect everyone to forgive but if nothing else hopefully it will ensure that a disaster as such will never happen again. And it shouldn't. Stadiums are better, facilities are better and fans are better behaved.

Heysel was an old stadium, crumbling, ready for demolition but if the fans had not charged nothing may have happened. We will never know.

Now you are probably wondering why I said that. Firstly, I think I needed to. Secondly because of the name in the subject of this blog. For those who do not know (and I did not know his name until recently) Stephen Cohen is a co-presenter of a Football show on Fox TV in the US. He is a knob cheese. A bell-end. A bollox. And not because he is a Chelsea fan. Mr. Cohen, on his show, on TV made the most ridiculous statements ever. He allegedly accused (I do not have the full comments so hence the 'a' word) Liverpool fans of “directly causing the worst two disasters in English football history”. He also stated that Liverpool should have 96 coffins above their badge instead of 5 stars (1 for each European Cup)...in reference to the 96 people that died at Hillsborough in 1989. And then proceeded to laugh after that comment. Sick bastard.

The guy is a wanker and tosser of the highest order in my opinion. I hope that Fox sack him like they threaten to do. Please, please, please send your comments to either
fff@foxsoccer.com or Feedback@foxsports.com on this bollox or else complete the petition to get rid of him.

The main reason he says he made the comments was that he was sick of Liverpool fans ramming our success down his throat. What? Thats the reason? Jesus....if that's all it takes. He either needs a bigger backbone (probably a lack of one is why he left the army - soap, shower??) or lock himself away so he can never hear the comments again. I like the second option.

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