Tuesday, December 19, 2006

PC brigade out in force again

This is something that I read yesterday which I find incredibly stupid. Arsenal Football Club have banned country flags of any nature even those English flags with "Arsenal" on them. Have bad is this? Imagine an English club, based in the capital not allowing their fans to display their own countries flag? Imagine if other clubs also enforced this. Imagine no Spanish flags on the Kop at Anfield in support of Rafa? Imagine if this was a few years ago and no Irish flags with "Keano's" mug on it at Old Trafford? Imagine no Tri-color at Parkhead? Stupid really...

Apparently the reason is that some Cypriot fans were outraged at a Cypriot-Turkish flag that was seen at Arsenal and complained. So they had to do a full sweep and ban all national flags.

Jesus...what is the world coming too??? Sometimes I wish some people would get a life and if they wanted to fight for something go and help some decent world causes like hunger and war and not about national flags being displayed in football stadiums.

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