Friday, December 15, 2006

Stupid Pricks

Right, I have to say we must have the stupidest, thickest, most idiotic government in the world. People must look at us and laugh their tits off.

In the latest piece of amazing non-brain usage, the Government have succeeded in making BUPA leave Ireland. This means more job loses and more people going to the Government plaything called VHI.

For those that don't know a ruling recently said that BUPA must pay (I think) €160m to VHI as VHI has "older" people. Equalization its called I think. What actaully has happened is that BUPA offered better deals to people, with better policies and a lot less hassle...AND !!! Nice people to answer the phone (rather than the Civil Service gobshites with no personalities who are irritated when they have to answer your calls as they are in the middle of telling Sally what Mary was up to on Saturday night with Tony ("Oh my God, wait till I tell ya.."). What, in my opinion, is happening is as follows:

- All the Government have shares in VHI
- If they close the other companies that will leave only VHI
- Premiums can be spiked up and thus they make money on it.

Well fuckin done you imbeciles. You done this first with the toll bridge on the M50 and made a mint and now this....sweet jesus. And people are leaving poverty to have you fuckers leading us?

Have a look at the latest shite.

Anyway, any country that can have Mary Harney as the minister for health is having a laugh. She is probably the worst roll model for health that could be found. I met her once. Met not really being the right word. At home in Donegal there is a literary festival every year and they try to get some face to open it. In 1993 it was Harney. She was unfriendly, didn't talk to anyone but those in her immediate vicinity, no tip (the change was around £1.20 from a round of 10-odd drinks) and didn't even say thanks. In fact to order she made this hand gesture to show the table and didn't say please or thanks. I made the decision there and then never to vote for anything she was associated with.

Fuck them all...

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