Thursday, February 17, 2005

First Post

Well, tis my first post at my new blogspot. I suppose most people are wondering about the name "Big SC" and I suppose I need to fill their need with answers.

For those of you privledged enough to grow up with ITV/UTV or whatever you want to call it, you may remember an ad that ritually appeared each and every Christmas about a certain location in Ballymena. Well that ad stated "Theres a Big Shopping Centre in Ballymena....haigh" and thats where the name comes from. The memories of that coupled with the demise of that ad meant that it had to be rekindled elsewhere and where better than here.

Also, just to add, for those that are wondering, haigh is pronounced "high" (but say it very fast).

So thats it...hope you enjoy and if I remember, I will update.

p.s. Please excuse the quif above. The pic was taken after 60mins of football.