Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Uncle Stephen

Well all...its been a tough few weeks for me not knowing when she was going to pop but pop she did - yesterday morning at 8.20am. Yup, just like busses. You wait years to be an uncle, gently coaxing on my sisters and brothers-in-law to spawn and then 2 in 8 months. It’s great!

So little Gabriel was born yesterday in Ibiza to join little ClĂ­ona in Dingle as being part of the special family...they are related to me.

No other news so I will leave ye alone.

(Oh, for those wondering, I have no idea of size, weight, hair colour or anything like that yet.)

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Gerry said...

Congrats. Now you can go to that big shoppin centre haigh and buy them very loud toys haigh. Battery powered drums and things. Their parents will love you for having these going off at 3am haigh