Monday, June 19, 2006


"Urrrggghhh" - Yes, that's the sound most of us make on Monday morning's after a weekend of drinking. Friday was some session at a 40th birthday party in Newbridge. Great night had by all with yours truly having to dress up for the occassion as requested by the organiser. At this moment in time I wont divulge what I was dressed as....I will leave that to your imagination (which is probably the best place for it).

The one weird thing about the party was, I realised how feckin old I feel now ! See, if you can go to a 40th and converse with the friends of the person whose birthday it is then you must be close to that age. Remember being 20 and heading to something like that? You'd sit in a corner with the people of your age and just drink away but now, now you can talk with them - about things that interest them ! Feck it. Need to get some friends who are 20.

So back to uurrggghhh. As I was saying, its a strange word. Its pronouced as follows:

- Drink lots
- Lack in sleep
- Eat rubbish
- Wake up on Monday for work and the first noise you make is "urrrggghhh".

Also lost money on the World Cup this weekend. Was doing so well last week but lost all the profit over the weekend. Just throwing a few quid on each match to predict the outcome so nothing bank-breaking.

Still, hopefully feel a bit better tomorrow or else its "uuurrrggghhh" mark-2

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