Friday, September 29, 2006

Things I learned..

Just back from a Liverpool trip (to my first Champions League match and my first time on the Kop). Anywho, just some things that I learned on my trip:

1. Liverpool are weak on the left side when Garcia plays ahead of an attack-minded full back.
2. Liverpool girls are lovely. They love to wear low cut jeans and vest tops...which is nice.
3. The Kop is even better than I imagined
4. Even when you leave Ireland for a period of time, the politicians and still not doing their job when you return and instead are still just talking shite about each other rather than trying to make Ireland a better place to live.
5. Toilets in Liverpool airport are rank and smell.
6. In Ireland we are being screwed for food and drink (pubs in Liverpool offering 2 meals for £7)
7. Some edjits know nothing about football. Some are so negative its embarrassing to be even remotely associated with them and you have to wonder how they get tickets.
8. I don't know enough Liverpool songs (well, the longer ones anyway)
9. Every city has "how'yas" and they all love: City Centres, smoking, babies and gobbing off to bus/train people and threatening to have them beaten up by their brothers/fathers
10. In Athens we will win it 6 times...

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