Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dubai anyone?

Well I'm over here for the week (actually today, Thursday, is their Friday, and so I'm finished work) for work and have to say - not sure if I could live here. Don't get me wrong its a nice city, on a lovely beach with warm water in the sea but there are few things not quite right.

Firstly, the humidity. You cant go outside. In September. During the day. Without sun factor Irish on you. And at night its boiling. A 10 minute stroll has you in more sweat than Gary when he realizes that the company own the trolley and its not his to sell on e-Bay (check out the pimped trolley here. And make sure and look at the questions.)

About 20 litres of water a day suffices. Still, it is nice to have that and experience it but it takes some getting used to.

To be honest, there's not a lot to Dubai. If you are not into shopping then you are a bit fecked. The place is riddled with shopping centers. Hundreds of them and most of them are the size of Cork City. Huge things altogether. Prices are fairly equivalent to Ireland so no point in doing much shopping.

Finally, there is the traffic. Oh my sweet Jesus. I have never seen anything like it. Indicators do not exist. Its a survival of the largest vehicle (which is most of them - all jeeps and top range motors here) and a free for all. They don't seem to know what lanes are!

Still, its impressive what they have done here. Worlds largest indoor ski slope and the malls - again I repeat...HUGE THINGS !! The structures are impressive and the people, for the most part, friendly and will defo come back to have a decent look....but probably in Winter.

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