Friday, November 24, 2006

Just some Friday mumblinging's

This I read on Damien's blog and is one of the most disturbing stories I have ever read. Please do not read if offended by stories of a graphic nature. Surely there is more that we in a so called "civilized" society can do to help.

In a new Garda report it states that 37% of road deaths can be attributed to alcohol. While it is admirable that they decided to do a report on this what will this lead to? Only one thing in my opinion - the same as usual. They will focus on drink driving. More breath tests, most stopping...most of this during the late evening/night time. What about the 63% of deaths where alcohol may not have been a factor? What happened there? Poor driving is more of a cause than they care to admit. They badly need to do something about the state of some of the driving such as:

- Teaching people the difference between a fast and a slow lane...regardless if you are on a dual carriageway or not
- When to overtake.
- When to use the hard shoulder to let people overtake if you are under the speed limit
- Why its not good to use the hard shoulder to cut corners and then to pull out as a car is overtaking you
- Why its not good to wait and then when a car is close to you pull out in front of them...yes, that's you '05 RN 2332'...f**ker last Sunday in Roscommon.

OK. Just some links now:

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Anonymous said...

regarding Cohen's comments: c'mon--act like a man and get over it.
He, at least was man enough to apologise.
And anyway, what kind of alleged "adult" bases his identity on a conglomeration of overpaid idiots who kick a ball around?

Grow up and get a life for chrissakes.