Friday, February 02, 2007

Well done Ray D'Arcy show...

Not content with winning their 3rd meteor award in a row for best radio show, the Ray D'Arcy show on Today FM they have helped people get Eircom stuff sorted. On their show earlier in the week they received thousands of complaints from disgruntled customers of the alleged phone service provider.

Today they revealed that people are getting vans pulling up outside their house to get long awaited phone lines and broadband connected. Also people are getting unsolicited calls from Eircom engineers to fix issues ! What is happening? Can it be that they have, at last, got their finger out and started treating us like the paying customers we are? Surely not....

Also they called Eircom and asked how do people report issues or complaints. Well, still have to dial 1901 but shout "agent" at any stage. Once they get through to someone the agent will take the details but have to get back within 48 hours with an answer....its a start and at least you know you will get some answer back without having to call 10 million times - free or not.

Nice one Ray and team and well done on the award.

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