Thursday, February 22, 2007

People who are fuckers No.3 - Mary Harney

Mary Harney.

The sooner this government is out, the sooner this ignorant, fat piece of shit is gone from our TV's, radio's and every other media the better this world will be. You fuckers keep insisting on having competition in our market place and the you go and introduce risk equalization. Then there is a loophole so you rush through legislation to block this. What sort of stupid fuckheads have we as politicians.

The other parties can go and fuck themselves as well. This is something they would have done in they were in power.

I'm convinced that every member of our government has massive shares in VHI and that is why all this is happening.

Did it ever cross your little fucking minds that maybe, just maybe, VHI's plans are not better than BUPA's and that is why people were choosing BUPA? It's not all to do with age.

Mary Harney - fuck off ! I met you when I was 17 and you wouldn't even acknowledge the presence of the young (potential votes) staff in the hotel and from them on I made a vow to never, ever vote for you or any party for which you were a member off.

Bitch. And stop eating or we will have to delve into the EU supplies and get food aid.

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