Monday, February 05, 2007

Orla's Wedding - Weekly Update

As promised before here are the latest updates on Orla's wedding. As you know, Father Brian D'Arcy, of Sunday World fame, will perform the ceremony. Fr. Brian, a close family friend and confident of Orla, is said to be delighted to be involved and is working closely with Orla on the format of the wedding.

We can confirm also that the venue for the reception has been chosen. Orla was seen on Thursday last in a booth in Clancy's pub Cork with a man in dark glasses and baseball hat. What staff have described as an "excitable debate" took place and once the man had left Orla confirmed that that talk was to decide on the venue and get his blessing on the reception. So, the venue is Michael Flatley's home, Castle Hyde Estate near Fermoy. Michael is noted to be family friend of the Barrett's and no doubt will assist with the spread to be put on.

Finally the only other information available is that Orla was very keen to have Luciano Pavarotti perform in the Church but her fiancé was apparently heard saying "There will be only one Tenor in that Church".

So to summarize on what we know so far:

Date of Wedding: November, 10th 2007
Church: St. Finbar's Cathedral, Cork and wedding performed by Fr. Brian D'Arcy
Reception Venue: Castle Hyde Estate Fermoy

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