Friday, February 02, 2007

And what happens the Garda involved?

I heard this story on the news yesterday whereby a woman was raped and abused by her family for over 20 years starting when she was 5 years old. When she was 12 she first reported it to the Garda who dismissed her claim and one allegedly stated the she must have enjoyed it after taking so long to report it (sick fucker).

Well the courts have ruled that the woman can sue the Garda for not helping her which they are appealing. Appealing? Appealing? What rights have they got to appeal. The Garda that laughed at her and did not listen or investigate her claims she be sacked if they are still working with no pension. And then jailed for aiding and abetting a crime which essentially they were doing by not helping. Those that have retired should also be accountable for what happened. She first reported it after suffering SEVEN YEARS of abuse and this went on for another 15-20 years !!! What happens those Garda? Nothing...our wonderful country does not do anything against civil service (nothing civil about most of those fuckers in any of the jobs covered by that title) folk who do something wrong.

"Of we let them go from their job" is usually what is said but they get FULL PENSIONS ! They should get fuck all.

Jail those Garda. For the same length of time that that poor woman suffered (who incidentally had a child by her brother who got 15 years for the abuse she suffered) with no perks when they get out. Nothing. No pensions. No job propects. Nothing. Especially the one that made the comment (allegedly)

That would teach them. Jesus I cant get over how sick this is and how unbelievable shit our Guards are.

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