Thursday, March 01, 2007

Where do you want me to go?

...ahhh, to the Blog Awards this Saturday !

As stated Ter from Linkmap has kindly produced a stunning visual graphic to display where said awards will be held.

A few weeks back Damien asked me to judge the "Best Political Blog" which must be the most ironic of things. See, the reason is I have a massive dislike and mistrust for politicians and also an even bigger dislike for politics in general. I think that it is one massive waste of space. To me its:

Person1 says something
Person2 from the other side says its shite
Person1 says its not and commissions a multi-million Euro survey to prove this - using their own staff.
Person1 says its not shite
Person2 argues again.
Money and time is wasted, we get no where. Then...

Person2 goes into power and says the same thing as person one but with one little difference.
Person1 says its shite
Person2 says its not and commissions get the idea.

Anyways, so I rated the 5 nominees in the political blogs and to answer the inevitable questions that will arise:
1) Yes I was fair
2) Yes I rated you lower than the others
3) No I did not read your blog but instead rated you on (a) the title of your blog and (b) the title of your blog posts
4) No I don't like your blog.
5) Yes I want you to leave me alone or I will call security

If anyone wants to interview me this then I would be delighted. As long as its not a politician.

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