Monday, March 12, 2007

How best to end a lovely day.

Imagine the scene.

You move to a new place to work and live. You are staying outside of the city centre but want to go in and explore. You get the train in to the city centre. You have a lovely day shopping, strolling around, having lunch and just generally chilling out.

You head home after your lovely day and go to the train station at least 5 mins before departure time. However, upon entering the station you realize that there is no board to show departures, no clock to show what time THEY say it is and, after walking around, no signs anywhere to show which train is for which location or which platform is which (there are 5 platforms).

You are worrying as departure time is near and you see a conductor. Someone who must, ahem, know which train is which.

"Excuse me, ca.." is all you get out.

"Sorry, just hang on for one moment" and off he walks.

After a few moments you are really worried now as on your watch time is showing that the train is leaving now. The conductor returns.

"Now, what can I do for you"

"Can you tell me where the Cobh train is leaving from?"

"I just waved it off, sorry"

And off the cunt walks. One fuckin hour and twenty fuckin minutes to the next train. You can imagine my sister was fuckin livid when this happened. Welcome to Cork. Welcome back to Ireland. Welcome to Irish fuckin Rail the marvelous people.

So much for a lovely day.

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Gerry said...

Now that there are a few of you, you can pool together and start a bus service.
Boyce Buses. It's better than S&M Curry Hole