Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Number 23

With the new Jim Carrey movie coming about called "The Number 23" it got me to thinking about this number. It had never occurred to me that numbers possess any sort of power (other than the numbers I see in my payslip and bank account each month). It was really when David Beckham moved to Real Madrid that I first heard about it. He insisted on getting the number 23 jersey due to its powers, but this was also his wife pushing him - and when you see what he has won since I wonder if it has done anything for him.

From what I had read it is supposed to have mystical powers and that was also one of the reasons why Michael Jordan chose it.

So lets have a look.

- 23 is the ninth prime number, the smallest odd prime which is not a twin prime.
- Human sex cells have 23 chromosomes. Other human cells have 2 sets of 23 chromosomes (23 from the father and 23 from the mother)
- Psalm 23, The Lord is my shepherd, is the most quoted psalm.
- In the Discordianism religion 23 is a holy number.
- In Islam, the holy book Quran was revealed in a total of 23 years to Prophet Muhammad.
- It is the number of the Illuminati
- A federal grand jury in the United States consists of 23 members.
- It is one of the lost numbers in the TV show "Lost"

Here is more of the same.

So, make up your own mind? For me, I have been told that 1 and 7 are my lucky numbers but they haven't helped me win the lottery.

And 23 is the number that a legend wore on his back and still does - Jamie "23 Carra Gold" Carragher.

It was also the first number that Robbie "God" Fowler had and since changing has not really had much luck with injuries...mmmmmm.

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