Friday, March 02, 2007

People who are fuckers No.5 - Frank Fahey

What a man. What a fuckin man. Really, what a total and utter gobshite of a man. This man has wasted, what for the normal folk in Ireland, would be a huge sum of money. This gobshite, when Marine Minister, overruled a decision for people to apply for a grant and instead awarded the money to build marina's for wealthy folk to "moor in Kerry loike".
What an asswipe. Total asswipe. Look at the smug head on him. And then to make matters worse he has come out and said he has a clear conscience that what he done was right.
This is why I hate politicians (do you think hate is strong enough? Maybe loathe? Or maybe really hate?? You decide). When they fuck up they don't admit it. Why not? When we fuck up in our job we have to say it but noooo, these don't.

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