Tuesday, March 06, 2007

And so the Irish Rail saga ends...

On Jan 18th I last posted about my Irish Rail saga and predictibly enough I never really got any sort of acceptable response from the Cork station master (I got the basic rubbish). Jan 18th was day 31 of the saga.

On Monday 22nd, day 35, I had a missed call from Hilary but didnt get a chance to call back. I tried to call on Tuesday 23rd but the phone rang out. On Wednesday 24th I recevied the following email:

Thank You for e-mail, I appreciate that you are not entirely satisfied with my last e-mail. With regards to the Conductor In question he has being spoken to and is currently being monitored.

On the evening in question the train that you were trying to board was in fact late leaving and therefore couldn't have being held for any longer. As for your complaint being delayed in getting to me, the reason for that is that I am not long in this position and it was quite possibly sent to>the previous postion holder who no longer works here, in error.

I have tried to phone you but was unable to make contact and I would have preferred to speak to you in person.

Hilary Twomey

That was day 37. I tried to call a few times since but each time the phone rang out. I decided today to end this as I really will not get any sort of a decent answer. Here is my final email back:
I do apologize for not responding to this earlier. I missed your one call on the day in question and I tried to call back several times in the ensues weeks afterwards but the phone rang out each time. Therefore I feel that this email will suffice as I would not like to take this any further as I feel that nothing will happen anyway.

With regards to the conductor, I thank you for speaking to him. If my complaint prevents any other customers from having to deal with his inexcusable behavior then I feel it was worth raising the issue.

With regards to the train being late then I have to absolutely refute this. At the time, there was no clock in the station to display the time and nor was there a board to display the platforms or time for customers. On my watch, I had at least 1 minute before departure and I know that another customer also was pointing to their watch to bring this to the conductors attention. Alas, to no avail. If indeed the train was late then I ask why the conductor did not wave the train off earlier as his speaking on the phone surely delayed the train even further. At this stage it is an argument or our words against yours/his with regards to the train departure time. If it was late then surely you as station master must be asking why and how can trains leave at said time? In this case you must be asking who your conductor was speaking to and why he did not wave of the train at the correct time? Is punctuality not important?

Finally I really do find it hard to believe that my original email was not passed to you correctly as you are not in the position long. Is there not a standard "Cork Station Master" email address that you access for issues? Was a communication not sent out to the customer service department advising of your new position? If so then someone must be accountable for the mis-routing of my email and also I wonder to where it was sent to?

As I said I really do not want to take this any further as I feel that more and more excuses for this complete incompetence in Irish Rail will be given and it is just wasting all our times.

Thank you for entering my complaint but as you can see it has got neither of us anywhere.



It will be interesting to see what I get back but to be honest I dont give a shit.

We must have the only train service in the world that "cuts" the number of trains on weekends and the final train from Cork to Cobh at night is 10.30pm (you cant even stay in a pub until the old closing time).

They really are useless.

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