Friday, March 02, 2007

Talk Talk are a shower of wankers

I tried to pay my phone bill the other day online via the Talk Talk website. I have never had an issue before paying and its been quite good. However, this time I got an "Administration" error and it stated to try again or call the customer service team. I tried again and got the same error. So I called the customer service number and tried to pay via their automated service. Again this resulted in an error and so I got transferred to an agent who was very helpful. I paid my bill via my Credit Card and left it at that.

Until today. I checked my Credit Card statement.

I was charged 4 times for my phone bill. Now you can imagine I was not the happiest bunny in the world and so I called their customer service centre. The one thing I will say is that as customer service centre's go they are one of the friendliest I have encountered and usually are spot on (unlike Eircom) with their information.

However, on this occasion I can say I aint happy at all. I stated what happened and she advised that yes my account was in credit. I asked for the money to be transferred back to me and was told (this is not an exact quote but fairly close):
"We advise our customers to leave their accounts in credit. This way you wont have to pay any bills for 2 months or more. It can take a long time to transfer back so its better to leave it".

I hung up. What a pile of stinking, rotten, odorous shite. Its takes a long time? What do you mean I wont have to pay any bills for 2 months or more? That's because I have already fucking paid !! Jesus H Christ on a stick with a little donkey. That's my money fuckers.

I'm thinking of emailing them to pay any interest charged on my credit card due to this.

In the words of Twenty Major, cunts.

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Anonymous said...

CANCEL the fuckers right now....thats what Im doing....had enough of there fucked up call centers ...sorry cant understand what the fuck your saying.......................................................