Friday, December 14, 2007

Harney - Please go!

I was listening to The Last Word the other day and they had a very sad story about a fella from Cork whose wife passed away. She was a young woman (early forties I think).

He took her into hospital, she was checked again, again and again and to no avail. Over the next few weeks more doctor and hospital visits but nothing was working. She couldn't eat and lost lots of weight. Eventually she was checked into hospital, spent the guts of 12 hours in a corridor waiting for a bed. That night he got a call to say she was very sick, he rushed in and she passed away. It turned out what killed her hadn't been diagnosed properly.

He tried to find the accountable person in the HSE and no-one would talk to him and even denied they were accountable. He sued the HSE and they admitted guilt and agreed a settlement. He still can't find the person(s) accountable and all they will say is "The HSE is responsible and accountable". Head's must roll. Harney's head must roll.

I really hope that she disappears very, very quickly never to reappear. Even if it means we have to give her a payment of €500, 000 it would be worth it to get rid of her. Useless, ugly, ignorant sow that she is. From what I can see, our health system is worse than when she started.

And do you know what makes this man's story even worse (if thats possible)? He is an ambulance driver at the hospital where his wife died and they couldn't even help him a bit. And his own management wouldn't meet and talk to him.

I think this story is indicitive of the sad, depressing, ignorant society that we now find ourselves. Very sad indeed.

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