Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I hate smoking

There I've said it.

I hate smoking. I really, really do. I always have hated it. When I was young my Dad, who was a smoker of Major, would light up and I'd open all windows and doors regardless of what time of year to 'air' the place. I used to tell him that he could kill himself but not to kill me. I harassed him until he stopped because of an ad that used to be on TV.

The ad showed a Dad in the back garden smoking and coughing. The young daughter looked up the coughing in a book and showed it to her Dad and it was about lung cancer. That struck a chord with me and I didn't want my Dad dying like that.

I just find it amazing that in this day and age people start smoking with the dangers that are there. It really amazes me. It's just such a horrible thing in my mind. I always say that I have no trouble with anyone doing anything as long as it doesn't affect me. And smoking does.

I was down on Dollymount Strand on Sunday and Monday and there were people smoking. No problems as its out in the open and the smoke wasn't near me as I could avoid it. Put they threw their butts in the sand. You think that's OK? Its dirty.

Smokers in the main are also unbelievably selfish and its a very selfish addiction. I got off the Dart the other morning and no sooner had everyone got off and some people sparked up literally as they stepped off the train. And didn't care where their smoke went. People will quite happily blow smoke anywhere. Well I don't want the smoke in my face but I had no fucking choice in the matter. As I had to walk the way they were going to leave the platform.

I've seen people get of the dart and smoke as they walk through the station with the fag lit up. But that's OK in their minds as they are only in walking through and not stopping. Bullshit.

I know people will come on here and have a go but I don't care. I hate smoking. If I ever ruled the world I'd ban it. It's disgusting. If it didn't affect me then shoot but smoke goes everywhere and the smell of people who smoke is foul.

You try to walk into pubs/shops/restaurants/clubs or anywhere nowadays and there are people outside smoking and you have to walk through veils of smoke to get in. It gets on your clothes, in your hair, on your skin and more importantly in your veins.

So please go ahead and kill yourself but leave me alone.

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