Friday, March 07, 2008

Only a week late but....

Well, unlike everyone else I'm a week late with my post about the Irish Blog Awards. I had a really long and tough work week and the thought of spending another hour at the old 'puter was just too much. However I had an absolute blast at the awards.

Damien, hats off again for an even bigger and better show than before. It was truly memorable (before the copious amounts of alcohol).

Alexia, lovely to meet ya and well done for saving the oul technologicallyable side of things.

Rick, great presenting again and too see such a pro shite themselves beforehand is great. I love backstage info.

For everyone else I met thanks for making it a great night and for those that are giving out about it and who won and about it being a back slapping happy event - don't come next year. The event is done arranged by Damien and assisted by volunteers. Money is raised for charity, no one gets paid for it and for that back slapping is well deserved.

Ryan, Annie, Johnny, Conor, Twenty, Sinead, Una, David, Marcus, Steven, Jonathan, Grannymar, Grandad, Niall and all the others than I had the priviledge to meet and chat to thanks for the making the night it was.

And next year ye better take the fluffy drink or else *ggrrrr*. I will update with links at some stage but now Im off to bed as holliers in the mornnnn...wooooo hooooo.

Updated with links

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Niall O'Keeffe said...

You met me too!!!