Friday, March 21, 2008

What is the right thing to do?

I was watching Sky News over the last few days and they were getting very heated over the arrival of a convicted paedophile from Australia. This fella, Raymond Horne, moved to Oz with his family when he was five. At an early age he was convicted of a minor offense but then 12 years ago he was found guilty of something like 14 offenses against children and sent to prison for 12 years.

He was released earlier and the Queensland government decided to deport him as he had never taken Australian Citizenship and therefore was still a British citizen.

Sky were of course building this all up and using every available person to report on it, showing his arrival in England and making it all dramatic. They were asking, in the tone that only Sky news readers can, if he should be allowed back. In all honestly, the man done his time and was being deported as is their right to do. The Oz authorities had noted that the man is high risk and should be monitored at all times. Really everything they done is within international law.

Fair play though in that Sky read out posts from both sides. One post noted that Britain is trying to send prisoners who are not British citizens back to their countries to serve their time and why can't other countries do the same. Another gave out about that fact that Oz had done this but they couldn't. But then Britain is trying to do it under Human Rights law.

Personally I think Oz was well within its rights. The person is not a citizen of theirs and so why should they live in fear with this fella? They have every reason to send Horne back and they did. Britain should just get on with it but then that is just my opinion. I would like to think that I would have the same opinion if the person was Irish and we try and sort it out but then all the kiddie fiddlers here seem to be men of the cloth !

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