Saturday, March 15, 2008

Puerto Rico - The week in review

So, not long back from a lovely relaxing week in Puerto Rico in the Canaries. Had an absolutely great time with my wife and have to say I would defo go back again.
We stayed in the Marina Suites Hotel in Puerto Rico which is just minutes from the town centre and close to everything.

The hotel is very nice and the rooms were fab. Lovely big bedrooms, small kitchenette (although you can only use the oven/hob for max of 10 mins so you can't really cook there). The sitting room area is cool and nice and comfy. Decent size balcony and all rooms look over the pool and ocean or the marina area. I would stay there again.

The town itself if nice and chilled out but I hate the fact that you can't walk past a restaurant without being harassed. It doesn't really endear you to the place especially the way some grab your arm or essentially say "you, come in here". Some were a bit more pleasant and nice about it but still I always think that if you want to eat somewhere then you will go in. We tried a few places but Oscar's Restaurant was really, really nice. Prices are comparable with Ireland but it's worth it for the quality. We ate in one place (and I would suggest to avoid in the future) called Mama Pinu and ordered chicken burgers and chips. Chips were overdone and the burger was a Tesco Value processed chicken burger and was foul.

Other places were alright but in most places the menus were the same; lasagna & chips, steak & chips, pizza, pasta, and other meats...with chips. Quality on the whole wasn't too bad.
Near Puerto Rico is Puerto de Mogan and Amadores. Amadores has a fab beach, which is man made, and some alright little restaurants around. The beach is better than the one in Puerto Rico. Puerto de Mogan is a cool little place with markets. We went there on the Friday on the ferry (€10 return from Puerto Rico) and spent the guts of 4 hours wandering around which was cool. The markets themselves, while they have the inevitable tat, also have some really good stuff and at good prices. You can get pretty much anything and everything and when finished, head for the restaurants and have waffles, magnificent vanilla ice cream, strawberries and fresh cream.

Overall, I would say that it's a good location to go to. It's it Irish Bar's you want there are loads (Flanagans, Maggies, The Harp, The Shamrock...), loads of English Bar's (The Rovers Return, The Queen Vic,..), Norwegian Bar's and loads of typical holiday shops. Food is good and fresh. Lovely cocktail bar called Bacara, lovely bar called Charlie'z and Friends and lovely restaurants. It's only 35 mins from the airport and close to other cool little towns.
Now, time for sleep...

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