Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Irish Blog Award Week

So this coming Saturday, March 1st, is the 3rd Annual Irish Blog Awards (well I think its the 3rd time). All details can be found on the Official Website but all places are gone. You can still turn up but you might not get a seat.

You should go anyway's as the following may or may not happen allegedly:

- Damien will receive a lifetime achievement award for services to blogging (sponsored by Young Fine Gael)
- Twenty to receive an award for use of the English language (sponsored by Young Christians of Ireland)
- Una to receive an award for hat wearing (sponsored by John Magnier)
- Tom to get an award for support of Irish rugby (sponsored & presented by Eddie O'Sullivan)
- Bock to get the best Limerick blog award (sponsoredby Dolores McNamara)
- Bernie to get the award for award giving & services to award giving (sponsored by Hollywood writers association)
- Bloggorah will get the award for best blog post July - Dec '07 (sponsored by Union of Irish Models)

And the special presenters award to Rick for presenting awards (sponsored by Ray Foley)

Hope everyone enjoys the night.


Bock the Robber said...


Bock not to win the Bertie-Ahern-Is-A-Crooked-Corrupt-Bastard-Award?

Steve said...

Sorry dude, nope. Mulley wont let me give this award this year for fear of young fine gael.

David said...

Which way to the bar??