Friday, February 15, 2008

Scissor Sisters..

Has anyone else noticed that absolute absurdity (is that a word?) of the argument that one of the scissor sisters is putting forward for her appeal against the murder of the Kenyan lad?

Apparently getting a sentence for not only killing someone but cutting them up and throwing their dismembered body into a canal is not right if you will miss out on your children growing up, and, if you reported yourself to the police. It should mean even less of a sentence.

Maybe I'm just old fashioned but I would have thought that killing and cutting up some lad and getting caught should have some damming repercussions? Or maybe not.

One of those chicks is saying that as she gave herself into the Guards that should count for something. Also that with her being locked up inside for 15 years means her 3 children will be all grown up when she gets out. Having a parent, aunt and granny like they have, they could all be reunited quicker than we think or it may be the best thing to happen the children.

Personally, lock em up and throw away the key and good riddance to bad rubbish.

We really don't need people like this on our streets living it up. They chose to do what they did and they should live with it. I'm sure when she was cutting up the fella she was thinking "Oh no, wait. By doing this I will miss out on my children growing up. Let's stop this tomfoolery". Or maybe not.
The mad thing is, it happened after a day on the beer and after taking drugs. They were all at it and then the fella tried it on with one of the sisters (with so much gargle in him I wonder was it the chubby one? Jesus...) and this lead to getting his throat slashed with a stanley knife and then getting his head beaten in.
After the whole thing the mother (seen at the top here) went on the run and is believed to be in London for the last two years. She gave herself up and is in court.
I don't know. Am I being too tough or is that in this PC world of our's people get of to easily for crimes? Lawyers seem hell bent on proving themselves by either sending some to prison and proving it (even if the person aint guilty) or getting them off on a technicality. These two were given 15 years and they should serve them. Whats the old saying? Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. Please let them do the time. And get their kids raised properly. Or send them to those religious freaks in America.


Anonymous said...

The society prepares the crime, the criminal commits it.

Steve said...

While I respect thats your opinion, I think that really is horseshit.

No matter what happens with society these people chose to do what they done. They decided to go on the lash. They decided to take the drugs and they ultimately decided to kill this fella.

Society has created me as well but I have no murderous urges.

Yet ;)