Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Appreciate "That Look"

I cant admit to being a daily reader or, as you have noticed, a daily blog poster but every so often blog posts arrive that hit you like a ton of bricks. They truly take your breath away. For me, its not the posts on how to blog, or the posts on how people should live their lives, or the ones that give a great insight into court cases or current affairs, but rather the ones that let you see a little into the soul's of other bloggers - the ones that for a short period of time connect you to them.

These posts when you read them also resonate with you. Somethings switches on inside of you that says, "hey, I can identify with this". They sort of wake something inside of you that maybe you were not even aware was dormant. Maybe they help you remember a part of your life that you not necessarily had forgotten, but rather pushed to your subconscious.

I'm always amazed that some of these people will be so open with their feelings and emotions and also not be anonymous. It's fantastic that they will let complete strangers know what their feeling and thinking and yet be totally at peace in themselves in doing so.

Some others, while not using real names, are not necessarily anonymous either as you kinda feel you know them, or at least you think you do, but still you admire them for taking the time to write it down.

A few days ago a lovely, lovely post was written by K8 the GR8 about going to a musical recital with her son. I think everyone that read it shed a tear in happiness - well I know I did. I think we can all identify with a time in our lives when someone so close and so special to us gave us that look. I'm not sure the person giving the look can totally understand what happens inside you when that happens unless of course they too have experienced it. And everyone should. It's one of those times when you can truly say "I'm alive and I love it". These situations are what makes life so great and so worth living. I know that I've felt it at times with my lovely wife (the patient woman she is). Your heart really goes racing 100 miles an hour, you know there's only one place to look and your almost paralysed, unable to move as you don't want to break that moment. You want it to go on and on.

It's also like the time when my godson was at that age when babies start to recognise faces and voices other than Mum and Dad. He looked up and smiled with his mouth, his eyes and his demeanour to say he recognised me. It's a fantastic feeling and you want to have that each time you meet but the you think will it be as special? It doesn't matter, you had it at least once.

Then you have the posts like Grannymar's from April regarding the passing of her husband some 10 years ago. This also strikes a cord as everyone has experienced someone really close to them pass away and it brings back the hurt from that sad occasion. You remember where you were when you heard, what you done to help with the arrangements, but what I always remember at funerals are the laughs and fun I had with the person. I know they would prefer to be remembered that way rather than the last few days you saw them.

But posts like Grannymar's are important. Not everyone can open up and write these feelings down. Not everyone can express how they felt in those hard times and so these posts help - maybe someone reading can identfy with the sentiments and use it to get over their grief. It may act as a form of counselling as they have someone that they can identify with who, know, has gone through the same as them. They are not alone.

These posts when your reading them also help to make you cast a thought to a loved one that's passed away and give them a thought, a smile, or a laugh at how you remember them - how often do we think of deceased friends in our busy lives? But more to the point, these posts might help you to appreciate right now, and forever, the looks that you get that K8 is talking about. I know I will.

Ladies, I salute you and thank you.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm so honoured that you linked my post like this, it feels like our souls connected, the way you and so many others understood the emotion I was trying to put across, I'm bowled over that my words could have such effect, thank you!!!

Also thank you so much for putting me up there with Grannymar, a woman of such wisdom! Well flattered, me.

Steve said...

No, thank you. It was your post and Grannymars post that stired me to write this..thanks.

Grannymar said...


Thank you kind Sir!

K8 is a very talented young lady and anyone reading her piece could not avoid being moved by it. She well deserves the mention and a nomination for Blog of the month.

I wrote to break the taboo of talking about death and show that although life changes dramatically following the death of a loved one, it is possible to pick up the pieces and move forward to a new but different way of living.

Steve said...

Hi GM..thanks for the comments. Its great you were able to write that post and the fact you wrote it from the heart, with emotion means so much more.