Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Another Irish Rail Strike

I heard yesterday on the news (yes, I'm a bit behind everyone else) that an unofficial strike had been averted in Cork. However, services between Cork and Dublin and the commuter lines in Cork were affected by this strike. Yet again, it was the rail inspection and maintenance staff that caused this stoppage.

I ask - when will this crap stop? It was unofficial. No stoppage should have occurred. Why do the ordinary people suffer because of a disagreement between management and workers? Why is it that when people are in a union and have a gripe, rather than talking properly over the issue downing tools is their first action? And if deemed wrong NOTHING EVER happens them.

If this disruption was wrong I want to know what will happen the man who caused the problem. Why is it, that one man can cause trouble for 100's and get away with it? Why does his union back him? Answer: Unions in Ireland are weak ass bodies who do nothing at all expect cause people pain. Period.

Please, oh please something needs to be done to ensure that unofficial strikes and disruptions to people does not occur.

Irish Rail apologised for the inconvience caused. Nothing from the unions or the prick who caused the problem. I'm sure those affected who were late to meetings, late home, or had to fork out for taxis or other methods of transport are really grateful for the apology.

I hate unions.


73man said...

I understand your frustration at the unofficial action taken by some of the staff at Kent station. However, because it is unofficial action, the union were not involved. The ability to just unilaterally call a strike would not have been taken had the union structures been involved. My 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

If there was a mechanism for automatically sueing strikers due to loss of income you incur, they might think twice.

Gary P said...

What made me laugh most was the fact that it was one man strike, and then the rest of the workers went out in "sympathy".

That's not a strike. It's a pissed off employee doing a bunk, and the rest of the "workers" (and I use the term in it's loosest sense) spotting the oppertunity for a day off.

Steve said...

@73man: Regardless if unions were involved or not its the fact that union members know they can call a strike knowing that nothing will happen them. This guy knows he can do this unofficially and be OK when the dust settles. And surely if it was a union matter they would have been involved. I'm with Gary P here, these dudes were looking for a bunk and this happens each year in Kent where one fella calls a strike.

@Conoro: Brill idea. Now to get that into IrishElection blog as a running item for some politician for the next election.

Don Crowley said...

Termination of employment should be the result of a refusal to work. Irish Rails apologies are totally meaningless without compensation to customers

Steve said...

Don - too true. In any other walk of life if you walk off your job and you are proved wrong, you get done. Not in civil pr public service.