Thursday, January 24, 2008

Computers? Schools? Government? Really?

Was reading this morning that Mary Hanafin, the all knowledgeable runner of schools in Ireland stated that having computers in schools helps prevent kids from dropping out.

She was also talking about some crap package of €252m to be spent on schools (equates to about €15 per child per year in Ireland)

This is the same government who give schools NO money to buy computers. Most computers in Irish schools have come from the Tesco scheme and other such schemes that rely on parents to participate. Or, they get computers from businesses or from parents - not the government. This is also the same government who have spent no money on broadband for schools and who have wilfully neglected the schools for years. The same government who give no money to schools for maintenance or support of computers, networks or connections. And they expect kids to learn.

The sooner this government are out the better. And especially Hanafin.

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