Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kevin Myers v Kieran Allen

I was listening to 'The Last Word' (or the Mulley show as it's known in some quarters) on Today FM and there was a debate between Kevin Myers (journo from the Irish Independant) and Kieran Allen author of "The Corporate take over of Ireland". It was with regards to the recent Irish Rail strike in Kent station in Cork.

I missed the start of the interview but apparently Mr.Allen personally attacked Kevin Myers on his views and background and not about the issue in question. Allen was stating that the guy in Cork had every right to do what he done because he was asked to do something that wasn't part of his job by management.

Lets look at this last statement: This one guy, brought down the whole rail network in Cork because he was asked to do something other than his norm. And he affected over 2000 rail users. Although his colleagues joined him, he alone is the cause why people had to find other means of travel. This one guy. Allen was saying that you can't let management get away with these things and he is right....to a point. There are ways and means of venting your frustration and making your point. In this case he could have called his union rep and acted.

But no. He went on strike and brought down the rail network. That is what Kevin Myers was arguing about and I agree with him. I don't often agree with him but in this case he is right.

There has to be an accountability in any line of work and the unions have done nothing for the public who are affected by these inexcusable strikes.

Some guy wrote into the show and stated that what happened to cause this strike was that an agreement was reached before Xmas between the Labour Courts, management at Irish Rail and the unions and this agreement was breached. That is wrong but so is the strike. The unions have no trouble stating what caused the strike was wrong but never, ever admit when their members are in the wrong and act on it.

And this needs to start happening. Soon.


Whitewasher said...

I was waiting for the 17:00 train from Cobh into the city the day that happened. The train didnt show and at 17:05 a muffled message came across the intercom which everyone assumed was telling us that there was no train. A lad on the platform promptly rang IE and found out that there was no train.

The 17:30 arrived on time and while making the journey into Cork, I overheard a man ask the ticket inspector why the train never showed up. He said he didnt know. Me arse he didnt.

I only found out the next day that one lad decided to have his own personal strike and caused all this chaos.

I would have to say that I would regard this man to a nob-jockey of the highest order.

Whitewasher said...

...oh and another thing...


73man said...

Inconvenient is right but do you think his action had anything to do that management had done / not done??

Steve said...

@73man: Inconvienent is an understatement. It was obnoxious what happened. And the guy has the right means, channels and processes to register his disquiet but choose to make the most noise and make it easier on himself. Gobshite.