Monday, January 14, 2008

Why this country is going to shit

I was reading Twenty's post about the HSE slashing budgets in our hospital's which makes so much sense. Where else would Mary Harney get the money for food?

It made me think of this letter that was in the Metro newspaper this morning. Everything in this letter show's what is wrong with Ireland and why everything run in the public sector and civil service is in total and utter crap. What I write here is taken exactly from the letter:

"So us poorly paid civil servants will have to endure more hardship and financial struggles after the disgraceful benchmarking report?

On my journey home by train on Thursday I listened to the intense criticism of public sector employees. How easily they forget that without civil servants they will not be able to sign on and collect their social welfare payments when the tiger finally dies.

I had time to sit back and consider my futur employment prospects in a full-time pensionable job with six months paid sick leave, seven uncertified sick days each year, flexi-time, free educational courses, paid study leave, free car parking in the city, 23 days annual leave, two priviledge days and a requirement to work a massive six hours 57 minutes each day.

Then I remembered that when decentralisation is completed I will have a five minute walk to work. So, private sector slaves do you honestly believe I'm worried about the three per cent pay increase. Your criticism is falling on very comfortable but deaf ears.

Happy civil servant by email".

We pay for this gobshite to work? We pay for them to have 25 days holidays and all that sick leave (and they probably take most of it too)? How can they justify all those perks for civil servants for very little work? I mean, this person says they have to work 6 hours 57 minutes per day. Do they actually work any more than about 2 hours in reality.

I hate this dude/dudette. An utter prick. If the tiger dies, I hope you are the first person made redundant you insensitive bollox.


Sabrina said...

"How easily they forget that without civil servants they will not be able to sign on and collect their social welfare payments when the tiger finally dies" is the most offensive part of that letter. That is fucking outrageous.

Steve said...

I know. Its funny how that bit riled me the most as well and also others that I read that letter too. I hope I can get a copy of metro today to see if there are replies. Heads must roll..

73man said...

Steve: Metro is hardly the most reasonable of papers now is it? On the bus, the other day I was thinking: wouldn't it be nice for the driver to receive a little badge from a traveller saying "Valuable Public Worker"? Then I saw Mulley's Fluffy badges and went to order them.

Public workers take this attitude because so few value the silent, unseen work of drivers, cleaners, local authority workers - who are also replete with jobsworth types of course - just like the private sector. Truth is: how many times have you seen management of Irish Rail blamed for the walk off by that guy in Cork? Why is it always workers get it in the ear, as if their actions have nothing to do with management decisions. For every action....?

73man said...
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Steve said...

For every action, there's a reaction. But the reaction was uncalled for and ALWAYS seems to be the workers first reaction.

Many of us do value everyone who works in any job as we all need each other in order to survive. Yes there are idiots who think they are above others but they are idiots.

Also, never said it was a reasonable paper but its a hell site better than any of the tabloids and better than the sindo.