Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Judge not lest thee be...

...judges yourselves.

Yes indeed, Damien is looking for people to be judges for the 2008 Irish Blog Awards. Put yourself forward for this prestigious honour.

Last year, I was a judge for the awards overseeing the "Best Political Blog". This year I will indeed put myself forward to be one of the judges. I think that awards of this nature are fantastic and really should be promoted. Too often in this country we have pansy-ass offering such as the All-Stars which are not really award ceremonies. These do not always go to the best, cost a fortune to run and more to the point, a fortune to attend, and are not attainable to the average Joe Soap.

The Blog Awards are fantastic. Well run, open attendance, no crap dinner and a good laugh. They are also a chance to meet you heroes. Or maybe not.

So Damien, I humbly offer my services.

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