Monday, May 05, 2008

How many days do you get?

In your job how many self-certified sick days do you get? Two maybe? Three maybe? If your lucky you might get five. Well, if you do get five, spare a thought for those poor, poor nurses or doctors.

Yes, they don't have a limit and can take as many as they want in a year just no more than three in a row or else they have to get a cert. But days in a row are different than other companies. If I am sick on a Friday, have the Saturday and Sunday off shift and am sick again on a Monday that is counted as two days in a row. For nurses its not and its counted as two separate days sick.

I would not like to get sick in Ireland at the moment with the way Jabba the Hut is running the Health Service and with the way the unions are fucking us over.

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