Friday, May 18, 2007

More Irish Rail stupidity

Last Saturday my wife and myself headed into town for a few beverages and some food.

Deciding that we would get the last train home (even after their shit previously) we headed to the train station.

I called my sister (who also experienced their shit) to check the last train time on the timetable she has (Timetable for 2007). It was 10.30pm.

We got to the station at 10.20pm to see on the new board (about fuckin time) that the train to Cobh was at 10.24pm from platform 4. We got our tickets and headed to platform 4. No train.

The train left Kent Station at 10.30pm from Platform 3. Really, what fuckin chance have we got of improving our transport system if we cant even get the times and platforms right of the current services? Probably what happened is that some fucker in a union couldn't change the details as they didn't have the necessary training and would have to be paid more to update it. Cunts.

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