Friday, May 04, 2007

I was there!

Yes, indeed. I did get a ticket for the Liverpool - Chavski semi-final last Tuesday and what an amazing experience it was.

I had my flights and accomodation booked and was working on every possible avenue to get a ticket. When, on Thursday last I won a ticket on KopTalk. This is an excellent Livepool website and one I would strongly recommend any Liverpool fan to join.
Anywho, the match and atmosphere was amazing. I met and talked with David Pleat (who's prediction of "Liverpool in 90 mins and after that I don't know" came through). Saw Didi Hamann (the real Kaiser), Franz Beckenbauer, Mattias Sammer, Alan Hansen and Alan Smith.
The, ahem, support the Chavs got when they arrived was lovely.
We got into the stadium at about 7pm and already then the atmosphere was building. The singing started around then and literally the noise never stopped until about 20mins after the penalties had finished.
Regardless of what that twat Maureeniho thinks, we were the best side on the night and I can only remember one Chav attempt all night. The abuse for Cashley Cole, Fat Fwank and Dropdownga was a joy to behold.
And then the only thing to make the result better? Yes, the scum were kicked out by Milan. I'm not sure the final will be as exciting as 2005 but you can be sure we will try and make it a good game. Enjoy.

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