Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Election '07 Update 11 May - Labour.

Our local Labour candidate is Cllr. John Mulvihill with Cllr. Sean Sherlock also up for election.

On Friday last, May 11th I saw Mr. Mulvihill around our estate canvassing. When I arrived back at the house there were several people scurrying around the estate and I was handed a flyer asking for John to get my first vote. And that was it. No nothing else.

On Saturday another Labour flyer was thrown through the door but no one called to present themselves or to answer questions.

To be honest if that is what they will do then they may not get much votes.

I had a look at the flyer sent and they seem to think that saying "Cobh needs its on TD" will get them through. I really hope whoever gets in is in because they are the best (which isn't really likely unless my proposal is put through). Their manifesto (or whatever it is called) doesn't really inspire me.

Lots of ideas but there is no commitment anywhere on the document. Here is what is covered in it:

Tourism: Lobbying for the marina is good but maybe rather than lobby see what is holding it up? What's stopping it? Also if you want to have Cobh achieve its potential then remove pay-parking in the town and get the Chamber of Commence to work better with businesses. Too many are closing up recently.

Affordable Housing: I quote: "I propose that measures are put in place to assist young people". How? When? What you going to do? When you get in will you propose and if its shot down what then? "Oh I tried". You really need something stronger there.

Incinerator Threat: OK. No one really wants this and supporting the groups is fine. Will it be visible support or moral support?

Infrastructure: Proposing funding is made available is one thing but you really need to state that you will demand money to upgrade. And you need to be careful about this. Every time there is work being done on the roads they may a fuck up of them and they are usually bumpy after they finish. Also any upgrades will result in delays to traffic. Maybe get it done at night so minimum disruption to traffic?

Emergency Services: An ambulance is essential. In Germany, I think its law that an ambulance cannot be more than 15mins away from people. We are a smaller country and why cant we have something similar. Maybe we don't need one in Cobh but we need more around the area. Again, calling on the HSE is mighty if they will listen.

It truly is a weak flyer with no commitment anywhere and rather just stating what you will propose, rather than what you WILL achieve if you are voted in.

My questions if I get to ask them.

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