Friday, April 27, 2007

Idea for new elections.

The elections in Ireland are nearly upon us and again Im not sure I will vote (to be honest its safe to say I wont vote as my vote is in Donegal as I never transferred it). Here is something that I would love to see happening but cant because of the shower that run the country (doesnt matter who they are).

1. Salaries to be made public. We have different levels of office and salary caps should be applied to each. Once you move up a level your salary goes up. And they should never, ever be allowed to vote for their own payrises. It should be based on performance and inflation the same as other peoples jobs.

2. Ministers caught doing anything bad, taking money they shouldnt or who have been tapped up. Sacked. And they only get the money they have put into their pension trusts and treated like you or I if we are sacked from our jobs. None of this golden handshake shite.

3. Why have one party run the country? We vote for each position in the government. For example, for Minister for Health we ask each party to nominate someone. Then we, as a country, vote for the best person based on their proposal for health based on the budget proposed before the election. And we do the same for each position and have a backup (second in the votes) there to assist. This way we have the best person in each position and if it doesnt work its our fault - we put them in. With this each party will only have a few positions to worry about.

4. We set an independant board set up to monitor each position listed above. One for health, education, etc.. This board is made up of the general public and they are they to police the politicians. This way we can see what they are doing and all work should be made public (within reason). Something similar to what Damien was suggesting.

5. Shoot anyone who doesnt like my policies. When I rule the world you will do what I say.

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