Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Anonymous Comment Makers

I do wonder (welcome back to me, welcome back to me..what a lovely break in Thailand - not to be mistaken for Gerry's favourite haunt "Thigh Land") why some people who feel the need to comment on a post, do it anonymously.

Usually these comments are left there as they are unhappy with something you have said in a blog post. Really, if they were miffed surely they would let you know who they are so at least you could reply in person to them. Or else they are so small minded and can only be "big" in their own minds sending comments without people knowing who they are.

I had another this week regarding my "People who are fucker's" list. It was regarding the No.2 entry, Rosanna. Now while this is my opinion on the girl, having never met her I cannot say in all honesty if she is as much a fucker as I make out, I do understand others have their opinion. But at least be big enough to not hide when you make these statements. Here is the comment in all its glory:

"You call yourself a genius, every second word printed is "fuck",you must have a huge chip on your shoulder and quite limited vocabulary!"

See, I would like to dissect this sentence and comment made.

1. Have you ever heard of punctuation? A ',' is not the same as a '.'

2. I do indeed make reference to being a genius but this is called 'irony'. I looked it up in the dictionary for you. Click here to have a look.
See, if I was really a genius I would be holed up somewhere either working on ways to save mankind or else have a volcano hideaway seeking out ways to destroy it. I can say I would not be writing blog posts.

3. "every second word printed is "fuck"". There are 324 words in that post. The word "fuck" appears 5 times (excluding the post title). This means it appears once every 64.8 words. Need some help with math's do we?

4. I have no chip but someone who sends anonymous comments must do...

5. On the limited vocabulary part. Agreed. I do. I have never hidden this but if that is your attempt to make me angry then it aint working. Try picking a fault that I am not aware of.

6. Is this Rosanna or the Doctor's son??? Wesley? Must be terrible to be named after where you were conceived (allegedly)

Maybe what you could do is create a blog and make your own fuckers list. I would be quite honored to appear on said list if you would come out from behind your anonymous costume and reveal yourself.



Anonymous said...

Ah fuck this haigh, I'll be anonymous haigh if I want to haigh.

Steve said...

Thanks Gerry..sorry, anonymous person.

Anonymous said...

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